Apple's original courseware author for Logic Studio, Soundtrack Pro, & DVD Studio Pro, Martin Sitter is a best-selling technical writer, and the founder of!
Martin Sitter
Most people know me from the Apple Pro Training Series.

I started teaching in 2001, at the Vancouver Film School. There, I taught DVD-Video design and Audio Mastering.

During that period, I also began designing and authoring Apple's official courseware for Logic and DVD Studio Pro, in the Apple Pro Training Series.

In 2003 I left the Vancouver Film School to become Apple's Lead Trainer for Logic. In that capacity, I traveled to many of the world's premier universities and multimedia schools, training Professors and Instructors in the official "Apple Method" of teaching their applications (a method I designed, through my work creating Apple's courseware).

During that period, I started and released our first DVD Studio Pro and Logic video-tutorials.

In 2005 I stopped teaching for Apple, and turned my focus entirely to While I continue to write courseware books for Apple, these days my focus is on video-based education.

I live by the principle that efficiently commanding your computer can create dramatic shifts in your life. Here's some examples ...

Software now gives everybody the ability to create, mix, and master music that sounds as good as songs on the radio. Video editors use Macs to make box-office hits. And happily, Apple users have been given a front row ticket to the show:

With an Apple computer, anyone can tell their story!

I created to make the story-telling easier. Our tutorial videos show you how to use software through moving pictures, and sound. Learn quickly and then spend your time creating stories, instead of dreaming about them.

Welcome to!

Books by Martin:
Courses by Martin Sitter
  • Embertone's new Steinway Masterclass
    Craft your perfect piano sound with Embertone's new Steinway
    Alex from Embertone digs down into the company's recent release of their flagship piano virtual instrument. Using the internal controls, he'll show you how to drastically alter your sound.
  • Polyverse Plugin Workflows
    In the Studio With Infected Mushroom
    The duo from Infected Mushroom share their wealth of knowledge from 20 years of studio experience, breaking down Infected Mushroom tracks piece by piece with a special emphasis on how they use Polyverse plugins.
  • Endorphines Masterclass Life is a trip ✈ with Todd Barton
    Since December 2017 launched Life is a trip contest with Todd Barton as independent expert. Shuttle System modular synthesizer - traveled all over the world to 5 chosen artists starting from Russia to India, Japan, Canada and France.
  • Learn how to use ClyphX Pro
    Controlling Ableton Live With ClyphX
    Learn how you can leverage ClyphX Pro features in ways that benefit your specific Ableton Live workflow.
  • Weapon Sound Design
    Learn how to make Weapon SFX with Weaponiser by Krotos!
    Weaponiser is the only all-in-one solution for weapon sound design. We'll show you how to use the plug-in to streamline your workflow, audition and customise it's library of professionally recorded weapons and presets, add some high-end, real-time synth
  • Vocal Processing in Dehumaniser
    Dehumaniser is a flexible & powerful tool for processing vocals!
    In this MasterClass lecture we'll look at real-time processing for films and games, vocal effects and instruments using the plugin's unique modular workflow to create dynamic and unique effects.
  • Lucid Grain's Masterclass
    Masterclass on Modular Synthesizers
    Watch Lucid Grain dissect their modular live set. Learn how to compose music and perform live sets with a modular case from a musicians perspective.
  • Mixing EDM in Pro Tools
    Learn how to become a better mix engineer with Pro Tools
    In this lecture we will cover the basics of mixing electronic music, as well as some more advanced techniques and workflows for creating competitive commercial masters.
  • Understanding modular synthesis
    Plankton Electronics Ants Masterclass
    Plankton Electronics shows us around Ants! and gets into basic aspects and examples using the synth for sound production.
  • Polyend Seq Masterclass
    A close look at the hardware MIDI Step Sequencer, SEQ!
    Polyend give an in-depth overview of the highly regarded hardware MIDI Step Sequencer, SEQ. You'll have the opportunity to see what makes this step sequencer stand out from the crowd.
  • Novation Circuit Power User Features
    Novation Circuit 1.6 Update & Power User Features!
    Novation Product specialist Chris Calcutt will be taking a deep look at how to use the popular Novation Circuit and will also be covering in depth all the new features added by the 1.6 update.
  • Synthpop with Stereospread
    From Studio To Live Performance
    Discussion of sequencing, effects, vocal processing, and MIDI implementation using products from Korg (Minilogue, Monologue, volca FM), Novation (Launchpad Pro, Launch Control XL), Universal Audio (UAD Apollo), and Ableton Live.
    Interface Design In Electronic Music
    Kim Bjørn dives into some of the topics covered in his new book. Together we explore user centered design principles, core layout ideas for electronic instruments, and look into some of the ideas, concepts and instruments covered in the book.
  • An Introduction to Dorico
    Scoring software for the 21st century
    Dorico helps you write, print and play back music notation to the highest professional standards. Created by the world experts, Dorico combines the finest engraving of the last millennium with the cutting-edge technology of the next.
  • Novation Peak
    Sound Design & Synthesis
    A deep look at the brand new Novation Peak 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer. In this presentation Novation's own product specialist Chris Calcutt (-CALC-) will take you through this powerful synth and what it is capable of.
  • spaceprodigi Masterclass
    Synth to Song: Creative EDM with Analog Synths in Ableton Live
    Learn the ins and outs, pun intended, of using analog gear to make music in Ableton Live with spaceprodigi, a 16 year old progressive house artist known for only using analog synthesizers in her productions.
  • Synth Masterclass
    Patching A Buchla-Style Synth In NI Reaktor
    Join Matthew Friedrichs on a tour of exotic West Coast patches and timbres. This lecture will feature West Coast patching on his latest Reaktor Block synthesizer, Lyrebird, so grab a copy and patch along!
  • ROLI BLOCKS Masterclass
    An expressive and customizable MIDI controller
    ROLI BLOCKS is a growing modular music making system that takes advantage of cutting-edge expressive technology which allows you to shape sound through touch.
  • Circuit Mono Station Masterclass
    by Novation's own product specialist Chris Calcutt (-CALC-)
    A deep look at the brand new Novation Circuit Mono Station the paraphonic analogue synth/sequencer combo with Novation's own product specialist Chris Calcutt (-CALC-)!
  • Dude Masterclass
    Dude - The Mini Feedback Laboratory
    The Dude is a mini mixer that can be really useful in scenarios with a lot of pocket operated equipment, but by connecting it more advanced way one can turn it into a tone generator / feedback monster.
  • Sound Design Masterclass
    With Make Noise 0-Coast Patchable Synthesizer
    We will be discussing the creation of custom sounds that are ready to be collected into your sampler or digital audio editor for further processing or composition.
  • RX6's modules with Jeff Manchester
    Exploring Advanced Features in iZotope RX 6
    Jeff Manchester, a product specialist with iZotope, demonstrates some of the newest modules, features and improvements in RX6. This lecture is a must for anyone that needs any sort of audio restoration or improvement in their life!
    Eurorack sound design with
    In this lecture Andreas Zhukovsky & Julia Bondar from give us a in-depth tour of their Shuttle Rack, which consists of 5 Eurorack modules in one single 84hp faceplate. It's beautiful and sounds fantastic!
  • NAMM 2017: Saturday At NAMM
    Saturday, January 21st at NAMM 2017
    9 videos showcasing gear from leading audio manufacturers including Buchla, Slate Digital, Softube, Yamaha, Modal, Hotone, and Warm Audio.
  • NAMM 2017: Thursday At NAMM
    Thursday, January 19th at NAMM 2017
    8 videos showcasing gear from leading audio manufacturers including Teenage Engineering, Elektron, Dave Smith Instruments, PreSonus and Roli.
  • NAMM 2017: Friday At NAMM
    Friday January 20th at NAMM 2017
    7 videos showcasing gear from leading audio manufacturers including Korg, Erica Synths, Universal Audio, and IRCAM.
  • Lurssen Mastering House
    The Art of Mastering with Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen
    Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen, from the Grammy and Oscar winning mastering house team, sat down to talk mastering concepts and best practices. They also showcased their new digital mastering console VST available now via IK Multimedia.
  • LinnStrument's Tour
    Exploring LinnStrument
    Roger Linn, a household name in creative and groundbreaking music hardware engineering talks about and demos his newest creation. The LinnStrument is an expressive MIDI controller for musical performance unlike anything else on currently on the market.
  • Sound Machines
    Eurorack MasterClass
    Watch the head developer from Sound Machines give an in-depth and exclusive look at their newest synth. The MODULÖR114 Eurorack Analog Modular Synthesizer!
  • Noise Engineering
    Noise Engineering do a deep demo of Basimilus Iteritas Alter
    Stephen McCaul from Noise Engineering will be doing a deep demonstration of Basimilus Iteritas Alter. The demo will cover the basics of the module getting all the way into the more advanced tips, tricks and techniques of these great sounding modules!
  • Learn about Analog Mastering
    Mastering With Piper Payne
    Professional mastering engineering Piper Payne discusses mastering and how to use her analog mastering console to master singles and albums.
  • Assorted Eurorack synth topics
    Befaco Eurorack MasterClass
    Find out about Befaco's DIY Eurorack modules, custom gear, community and what the future has in store! And, of course, watch full on synth patching sessions!!
  • Neutron MasterClass
    Mixing with Neutron
    iZotope's product specialist Evan Allen goes through the new and exciting features of Neutron, their latest mixing channel strip plugin.
  • Eurorack Modules Showcase
    Bastl Instruments
    Bruno, of Bastl Instuments, shows us a number of their custom Eurorack modules. From the ever popular Kastl and Bit Ranger to the epic Popcorn Sequencer. If you are a fan of Euroracks you will be a fan of this Lecture!
  • Selected Topics in Eurorack
    Erica Synths Eurorack MasterClass
    Girts & Kodec from Erica Synths cover several key synthesis concepts including Advanced Enveloping (HADSR & ASR) and Percussion Synthesis.
  • Patchblocks Minijam Studio
    Building Beats & Synth Leads
    Learn how to build drum patterns on the tek.drum, record parameter automation as well as shape and play lead sounds with the tek.waves wavetable synth. Also, integrate and sync other equipment for a pure synth hardware music making experience.
  • Reaktor Blocks Masterclass
    Building Small Oscillators That do a Lot
    If you have ever opened a Reaktor Block and wondered how it works, this is the class for you. Block builder Matthew Friedrichs will walk you through the design process of two of his favorite Blocks.
  • Superbooth17 Masterclass
    Sneak Peek: Befaco Preview Superbooth17 Synth Modules
    During superbooth17 Befaco will be presenting a bunch of new modules in their pursuit of the "ultimate weapon". A concept every single modular user thinks, dreams, and argues about!
  • RHYTHMOLOGY: Loops without Borders
    Get Creative & Experiment in Rhythmology with Keith Robinson
    RHYTHMOLOGY is a game-changing, dynamic rhythmic sequencing and effects engine accompanied by a world-class loop library - perfect for all styles of music production. Insider, Keith Robinson, shows us some of its most powerful features and capabilities.
  • Brian Funk (AfroDJMac) Masterclass
    Ableton Push Drum Sequencing Workflows & Tips
    Learn advanced drum sequencing techniques from Ableton certified trainer Brian Funk, also know as AfroDJMac.
  • Erica Synths Masterclass
    DIY Modular Synth Secrets With Erica Synths
    Erica Synths talks about and demonstrates good DIY practices, from through-hole to SMD soldering while taking breaks to showcase their brand new, soon to be released, DIY Synth!!
  • Logic 101
    Core Logic
    Watch as Martin Sitter shows you how to build a song from the ground-up using Logic. This tutorial is produced by Apple's Original Logic Courseware designer!
  • Logic 8 101
    Core Logic 8
    Learn how digital audio works as you build a song from the ground up using Logic.
  • Soundtrack Pro 101
    Core Soundtrack Pro 2
    Video is two-thirds audio ... thankfully, Final Cut Studio 2 includes Soundtrack Pro! Learn pro audio postproduction tips and tricks in this 4 hour tutorial-video series!
  • DVD Studio Pro 207
    Mastering A.Pack
    A.Pack is the Dolby Digital Encoder that ships with DVDSP Versions 1, 2, and 3. A classic software application ...
  • Final Cut 5 102
    The Science of Final Cut
    Setting-up sequences, editing clips, keyframing effects, creating perfect audio, and multi-camera editing ... these video tutorials let you SEE and HEAR how!
  • Mac OS X 101
    Mastering Your Mac
    Learn tips and tricks that will help you efficiently pilot your computer!
  • Logic 7 203
    Logic For Video Editors
    Video is two-thirds Audio. Consequently, Video Editor's need Logic. These tutorials demonstrate how to score video.
  • Logic 7 105
    Logic's Environment Explored
    You may have heard that Logic is an object-oriented audio editor. The Environment window holds the key to understanding why ....
  • Logic 7 101
    Mastering Logic 7
    Covering all aspects of Editing, Recording, and Mixing, these video tutorials let you SEE and HEAR how songs are created.
  • DVD Studio Pro 101
    Mastering DVD Studio Pro
    Encoding Video, designing menus, using subtitles and alternate audio/video streams ... these video tutorials let you SEE and HEAR how DVD-Video is created.
  • DVD Studio Pro 105
    Custom Menu Templates
    DVD-Video design includes a lot of repetition. Some projects need dozens of menus based on the same design. Custom templates to the rescue ...
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