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Pure Modular System Is A Eurorack Synthesizer That Won’t Break The Bank
Rounik Sethi on Thu, July 14th 0 comments
Seems like every human and cat wants to get into Eurorack these days. It’s a good time for modular synthesizers, but can be cruel on the bank balance. GMSN!’s Pure Modular System aims to change that.

The GMSN! Pure Modular is a sleek eurorack modular synthesiser for people who want to get started in Eurorack. We believe in the power of simplicity so we’ve stripped things back to focus on pure modular synthesis. 

The idea behind the GMSN! Pure Modular is to provide musicians with the fundamental building blocks of modular synthesis. There are loads of amazing modules on the market today with a host of functionality packed into a very small space. While these are really cool, it can be difficult to understand what’s going on under the hood. Modular synthesizers are incredibly powerful instruments, but without a solid foundation it’s impossible to progress to deeper patch strategies. 

The GMSN! Pure Modular ships with a comprehensive range of modules , an analogue signal path consisting of VCO, two VCFs, a VCA and an LFO. Digital control is provided by a Sequencer, Quantiser and two ADSRs, all contained in sturdy, attractive Case with Power. Everything you need to get started in modular at a fraction of the price. We chose two VCFs as they self oscillate, providing a sine wave. This opens up the options for deeper cross modulation. 

All modules and accessories are available to purchase individually. We also offer our products in kit form, the whole system can be built yourself. A rundown of how each module works and full specs of the system are on the following pages. 

Glasgow Make Some Noise! are seeking to revolutionise modular synthesis by providing an accessible and affordable system that will enhance your understanding of sound synthesis. More than just a pro audio company, GMSN! are a community of builders, designers and hackers. 

The Pure Modular is available now at and will be available in shops in the near future.  

The Modules

GMSN! Pure VCO : Classic Analogue Sound Source with Saw, Triangle and Square / Pulse Out 

  • Exponential and Linear FM 
  • 1v/Oct with on board calibration 
  • CV and Manual Pulse Width Modulation 
  • Temperature Compensation for rock solid 
  • tuning 
  • Hard Sync input for creating rich timbres 
  • Width 12HP; Depth: 74mm 
  • Power: 41mA +12v; 40mA ­12v 

GMSN! Pure Sine VCF : Analogue Low Pass Resonant Filter

  • 4 Pole or 2 Pole Out for varied timbres 
  • Filter Cutover with CV control 
  • Resonance control for squelchy acid basslines 
  • Self Oscillation for Sine Wave output 
  • Vintage OTA design for warmth, analogue feel 
  • Width: 7HP; Depth 61mm 
  • Power: 16mA +12v; 13mA ­12v 

GMSN! Pure VCA : Hi Quality Pro Audio Analogue VCA 

  • Extremely short, clean signal path for low distortion 
  • Exponential Gain Control with offset and CV control 
  • THAT2180 hi end attenuator IC 
  • Gritty overdrive 
  • Width: 4HP; Depth: 42mm 
  • Power: 7mA +12v; 7mA ­12v 

GMSN! Pure LFO : Simple, Effective Low Frequence Oscillator 

  • Rate Control

  • Triangle and Square Wave Outputs

  • Provides CV for Vibrato, Filter Sweeps and Cross Modulation

  • LED Cycle Indicator

  • Wide range output

  • Width: 4HP; Depth: 27mm

  • Power: 7mA +12v; 5mA -12v

GMSN! Pure Sequencer : 8 Step Digital Sequencer for Melodies and Riffs 

GMSN Pure Sequencer
  • Forward, Pendulum or Random 
  • Pause mode for single step adjust 
  • Individual trigger out on each step 
  • Reset CV for less than 8 polyrhythms 
  • Internal and external rate control 
  • Glide / Slew for tied notes 
  • Arduino Compatible Code 
  • Width: 25HP; Depth: 40mm 
  • Power: 50mA +12v; 20mA ­12v 

GMSN! Pure Quantiser : A powerful musical interval converter 

GMSN Pure Quanitizer
  • LED buttons control which notes in the scale are available 
  • Input voltage is adjusted to the nearest available note 
  • Any western interval pattern or scale can be created 
  • Trigger out with LED indicator when new note is played 
  • Portamento control for glide or slew between notes 
  • Arduino Compatible Code 
  • Width: 8HP; Depth: 40mm 
  • Power: 70mA +12v; 5mA ­12v 

GMSN! Pure ADSR : Digital Envelope Generator 

  • Control over Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release 
  • Trigger or Gate Input 
  • Led Indicator shows envelope level 
  • Provide a CV output to shape any pitch, tone, volume, etc 
  • Arduino Compatible Code 
  • Width: 7HP; Depth: 75mm 
  • Power: 30mA +12v; 4mA ­12v 

GMSN! 3U Case : Lightweight 3U Eurorack Flightcase 

GMSN! Pure 3U Case
  • 84 or 104HP 
  • Solid construction meaning your modular rig will be well protected on the move 
  • Sturdy Leather Handle 
  • Powered version comes with PCB bus board 
  • Comes in Black and Deep Purple 
  • Max module depth: 90mm 
  • Width: 150mm; Height: 175mm 
  • Length: 84HP – 451mm; 104HP: 552mm

GMSN! Pure Power : Compact 1.7A Power Supply

GMSN! Pure Power
  • +12V; ­12V; 5V 
  • Input under voltage protection 
  • Output short circuit protection 
  • Over voltage protection 
  • Over current protection 
  • LED identification for each rail 
  • Meets CISPR22/EN55022 CLASS A, UL60950 , EN60950 and IEC60950  

Price: £1,030.48 GBP

Find out more about the GMSN! Pure Modular System here:


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