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Give Logic a Make-Over: Mod Logic's GUI Interface
Rounik Sethi on Sat, June 12th 4 comments
Most people agree that since Apple took over development of Logic from Emagic the GUI interface has become more pleasant on the eye. Apple have done a lot more than add eye candy to Logic 8 and 9 of

Most people agree that since Apple took over development of Logic from Emagic the GUI interface has become more pleasant on the eye. Apple have done a lot more than add eye candy to Logic 8 and 9 of course, but this is naturally the most apparent change at a glance. There's no pleasing everyone though when it comes to matters of color and design. And if spending hours staring at Logic's hundred shades of gray brings you down, you may wish to add some alternative color to Logic's interface.

Although it is possible to alter the color of the background in the Arrange area and even in the Piano Roll, there is no setting to alter colors or design of level meters, faders, send and insert buttons, etc... In short if you want to mod or pimp the Mixer in Logic it would seem to be not be possible. However, with a little bit of 'safe' hacking of the original graphics files within the Logic application you can!

In today's tip, we'll explore how to find the Level Meter graphics files, change the color in a graphics editor and re-insert them so as to give Logic a make-over. All you need is Logic 8 or 9, access to a graphics editor like Photoshop, Pixelmator, Gimp (free), a little time and some inspiration.

Step 1 - Back Up your

1. Quit Logic, open a Finder Window and navigate to your Applications folder.

2. Control-click (right-click) on the Logic icon and choose Duplicate.

We are going to work on the duplicate of In this instance I've renamed it Logic
Pro Makeover.

Step 2 - Find the Files

1. Control-click (right-click) on your duplicate copy of

2. Choose Show Package Contents. A new Finder Window will open and display the contents of the Logic app.

3.Navigate to the Resources folder. In here you will Find all the .tiff Files that are used in Logic.

4.We are looking for the Level meter graphics. Find the following:

  • LevelMeterMonoWide.tiff
  • LevelMeterMonoWideDark.tiff
  • LevelMeterStereo.tiff
  • LevelMeterStereoDark.tiff

Step 3 - Edit the Meter Graphics

1.Open up one of these File in the Graphics Editing Application of your choice. For this example I'm using Pixelmator. Any editor like Photoshop or GIMP will do Fine.

2.In Pixelmator I've created a new layer which contains a gradient to cover the existing colors of the Level Meter:

3.Repeat this procedure for all the Files and either save over the original, or save each level meter as tiff Files (with the exact same name) to a new folder. I prefer to do the later option!

Step 4 - Your newly 'modded' Level Meters in Logic!

If you have saved your versions over the originals skip 1. below and move on to 2.

1. Move or copy the level meter graphics files to the Resources folder inside the package contents.

2. Navigate back to your Applications folder and double-click on the Logic Pro Makeover icon.

3. Logic launches and you will now see that Logic has replaced the default graphic of the level meters with your own versions:

Remember to keep a backup either of the entire or the Resources folder within the package Contents of

You can now go wild and change the colors and graphics for any of the icons you find in the Resource folder.

Again, please remember to backup your resources folder (within the Package Contents) or the entire itself.

If you need further help on this or any other Logic or Mac software issue or want to share your Logic GUI creation, visit us at

Interested in learning more about Logic and also how to create Track icons for Logic? This tutorial will help you to become proficient. Need some help with Photoshop? Check these tutorials out! 

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Comments (4)

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  • can you do this with the white key focus border, and if so how? I looked for the key focus picture file but could not find one. any info would help, Thanks
    • 10 years ago
    • By:
  • Rounik Admin
    Hi Neal, As far as I know it's not possible to edit the key focus border graphic... I also cannot find it. Best Rounik
    • 10 years ago
    • By: Rounik Admin
  • Tre
    hello could you share your gui interface with me i like how your meters look on your interface this is all i wanna change on mine..........thanx
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Tre
  • Rounik Admin
    Hi Tre, To be honest I'll have to have a search for those files. Not sure where they are any more... As I teach Logic a lot, I've reverted back to using the standard GUI - there were just too many confused looks from students ;-) I'll take a look and hopefully will find them. In the meantime crack open a copy of Pixelmator or Photoshop or Gimp and make your own by following the steps above! Cheers R
    • 9 years ago
    • By: Rounik Admin
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