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Music Theory 110 - Advanced Music Theory for DAW Musicians.
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  • 1

    An Augmented 2nd is:

  • 2

    What is the correct spelling of Csus2?

  • 3

    The Ionian mode is the same as:

  • 4

    A P5 up is the same as a _____ down.

  • 5

    A 7th chord on the tonic in major keys is naturally a:

  • 6

    Like triads, 7th chords only have 2 inversions.

  • 7

    Because the Blues scale has a flat 3 and flat 7, you can only use it with minor chord progressions.

  • 8

    A C Major triad with an added D above would be called:

  • 9

    Intervals of 4ths and 5ths CANNOT be:

  • 10

    Which mode is the same as major, with a lowered 7th?

  • 11

    The Lydian mode is the same as the major scale, but with a:

  • 12

    A diminished triad with a minor 7th is a:

  • 13

    A C Major root position triad in the right hand, with an E bass in the left hand, would be written.

  • 14

    The dominant 7th chord naturally occurs on what scale degree in major keys?

  • 15

    The V chord in harmonic and melodic minor is:

  • 16

    When inversions are used in the right hand, but root position is used in the left hand bass, the written chord symbols reflect the inversion in the right hand.

  • 17

    The Dorian mode is the same as the minor scale, but with a:

  • 18

    A Perfect 5th is:

  • 19

    A VI7 chord altered in melodic minor is:

  • 20

    A power chord typically omits the _____ of a triad.

  • 21

    The whole-tone scale is also known as the:

  • 22

    These are the building blocks of harmony:

  • 23

    Second inversion triads have the _____ in the bass.

Music Theory 110
Advanced Music Theory for DAW Musicians
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