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  • 1

    To navigate through your song in Capo touch, you have to…

  • 2

    The shortcut to go directly to the beginning or end of a song is

  • 3

    On the Mac version of Capo, you can find the Pitch section:

  • 4

    On iOS, tapping and holding is sometimes called long press. True or False?

  • 5

    To advance or back up one beat at a time, you need to press

  • 6

    Capo is capable of:

  • 7

    When using the share function, the other person will need Capo to open the file. True or False?

  • 8

    When checking the Mono option, you could isolate the left or right channel audio, but doing so, you won't hear anything from the other channel. True or False?

  • 9

    When you export your song:

  • 10

    How do you assign shortcuts to a MIDI note?

  • 11

    When looping a region, you can speed up in small increments by:

  • 12

    One of the cool thing with Capo is that you can also assign your midi controller to navigate within the Software, True or False?

  • 13

    When Capo saves a document, what information is embedded?

  • 14

    When saving a Capo document for use in Capo Touch, should you save it to the iCloud document area or iCloud drive?

  • 15

    Vocal reduction will not work 100% of the time. True or false?

  • 16

    To reach the next or previous region, you need to press

  • 17

    You can change the tempo of a song in 25% increments only. True or false?

  • 18

    What is different about adding regions in Capo Touch?

  • 19

    Capo reads only full-quality AIFF stereo audio files. True or false?

  • 20

    Transposing a song up a half step also slightly increases the tempo. True or false?

  • 21

    In Capo touch, to change the speed of a song you need to:

  • 22

    You can speed up and speed down the speed by pressing the up and down arrow, True or False?

  • 23

    How do you create a new note in the pitch spectrogram display?

  • 24

    Beat detection in Capo is locked and is not adjustable. True or false?

  • 25

    When using a virtual guitar capo, what chords are displayed?

Capo 101
Capo Explored
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