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Dance Music Styles 111 - Bass House.
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  • 1

    Bass house tracks are typically…?

  • 2

    Bass house is, loosely speaking, a combination of?

  • 3

    What element in bass house must be centre of attention?

  • 4

    In Ableton Live, what will always be the cleanest warp mode?

  • 5

    What type of EQ is usually best for doing surgical EQing?

  • 6

    What is a ‘dry’ sound?

  • 7

    The fundamental is the … of the sound?

  • 8

    What is the typical BPM range for bass house?

  • 9

    With no processing applied, stretching a sample to make it longer would result in a … pitch?

  • 10

    What band crossover point would be most logical for sub bass stereo imaging?

  • 11

    If you use a comb filter to make a bass house bass, should you modulate filter cutoff?

  • 12

    Which is NOT a common theme in bass house?

  • 13

    Vocal fills are normally taken out of the …?

  • 14

    Reverb is short for…?

  • 15

    808s are most known for their use in what EDM genre?

  • 16

    It is recommended to mix triplets with sixteenths. True or false?

  • 17

    Saturation … bits of audio to/from the sound?

  • 18

    Do all 808s have a well-defined note?

  • 19

    The additional frequencies added by saturation are called?

Dance Music Styles 111
Bass House
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