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  • 1

    You cannot control pan in the main arrange window/track header area, you must open the automation track for this. True or false?

  • 2

    Before you start recording you will have to tell GarageBand what...

  • 3

    To access the track header submenu, simply right-click any track header in the column. True or false?

  • 4

    Instrument tracks will typically have this instrument assigned to them automatically:

  • 5

    The main window of GarageBand is called:

  • 6

    When importing a movie, you must open it in iMovie first. True or false?

  • 7

    When editing in the piano roll, you cannot quantize. True or false?

  • 8

    The guide track that you want the other tracks to follow is notated with a:

  • 9

    What note will trigger a kick drum in a standard MIDI drum set instrument?

  • 10

    What audio format uses the least compression and is closest to the original source material?

  • 11

    Changing the key of the project file will not affect the loops. True or false?

  • 12

    You can only automate volume and pan in GarageBand. True or false?

  • 13

    Smart controls are always blank until the user maps them to what they should alter. True or false?

  • 14

    You can loop audio exactly the same way you loop MIDI regions. True or false?

  • 15

    Where is the arpeggiator located?

  • 16

    What type of track contains recorded contiguous sound like a performance of guitar or vocals?

  • 17

    The shortcut to access GarageBand's virtual keyboards is:

  • 18

    The engine that will allow you to shift attacks and releases of you audio is called:

  • 19

    In order to access the plugins, you'll need to open:

  • 20

    The font in the notes section is fixed for all of your notes. True or false?

  • 21

    When using a microphone to record an instrument, turn THIS on to hear yourself play/sing:

  • 22

    To change a note in the score editor to a different note:

  • 23

    The library contains presets for both instrument and audio tracks. True or false?

  • 24

    Quantizing affects 8th and 16th notes only. True or false?

  • 25

    When importing a song from GarageBand from iOS, it must be converted and ‘re-saved' first. True or false?

GarageBand 101
Absolute Beginner's Guide
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