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Guitar Production 201 - Guitar FX Explored.
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  • 1

    An Envelope Filter’s “Range” knob determines the sweep’s…

  • 2

    Saturating a sound makes it more…

  • 3

    The 2 basic transistor types used in Fuzz pedals are…

  • 4

    A common waveform used for the Tremolo LFO is the….

  • 5

    The Depth control on a Chorus Pedal controls its…

  • 6

    An Overdrive’s tone control is used to vary…

  • 7

    A guitar tuner helps determine if a note is sharp or…

  • 8

    Vibrato is a variation in amplitude. True or false?

  • 9

    The 4 stages of an amplitude envelope are the…

  • 10

    The ___ control is commonly found on guitar compressor pedals.

  • 11

    Overdrive mimics a ___ amplifier pushed into distortion.

  • 12

    The original delays were____delays.

  • 13

    Distortion ____ the guitar’s waveform.

  • 14

    Tremolo pedals create a cyclical change in…

  • 15

    Compression reduces your guitar signal’s…

  • 16

    What is the most common reverb type found in guitar amps?

  • 17

    The ___ delay is integral to the Rockabilly guitar sound.

  • 18

    Boost pedals increase the ___ of the guitar.

  • 19

    Octave-Up effects are produced by a ___ doubling circuit.

  • 20

    It can be helpful to pair ____ with frequencies.

  • 21

    A classic Distortion pedal is the ProCo…

  • 22

    Jimi Hendrix used Roger Mayer’s…

  • 23

    Wah pedals sweep a ____ bandpass filter.

  • 24

    Another name for an Envelope Follower is…

  • 25

    Noise Gates decrease gain when signal drops below the…

Guitar Production 201
Guitar FX Explored
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