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Kontakt 302 - Advanced Instrument Design.
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  • 1

    Which of these statements is NOT correct?

  • 2

    You can route the audio of each group to...

  • 3

    Setting the glide modulator to “time” means:

  • 4

    An easy way to create new instruments from existing ones is to:

  • 5

    Beat machine...

  • 6

    Which of these levels CANNOT have its own effects?

  • 7

    The 32-Step Modulator is a step sequencer with a maximum of:

  • 8

    Which of these controls is not part of the Amplifier?

  • 9

    What is the best playback mode for instruments with a large number of samples?

  • 10

    An envelope follower is a modulator…

  • 11

    Which of these statements is true?

  • 12

    The “H” in an AHDSR envelope stands for

  • 13

    You can use the Speed control to sync audio to tempo in all but which of these playback modes?

  • 14

    The highest quality way in Kontakt to adjust pitch and speed independently is...

  • 15

    LFO stands for:

  • 16

    Which of these CANNOT be controlled at the group level?

  • 17

    Kontakt includes all but which of these built-in scripts?

  • 18

    Which of these steps is NOT required to add a send effect?

  • 19

    You can sync parameters to tempo for effects and modulators:

  • 20

    A flexible envelope can be synced to tempo by:

  • 21

    Which of these cannot be controlled at the source level?

  • 22

    To make a script’s controls visible from the performance view:

  • 23

    Which of these statements is NOT correct?

  • 24

    When Legato is enabled...

  • 25

    Which method CANNOT be used to add insert effects to a Kontakt instrument?

Kontakt 302
Advanced Instrument Design
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