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Logic Pro 404 - R&B / Pop Mixing Workflows.
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  • 1

    Press _____ to show an aux track in the tracks area.

  • 2

    Which parameter in Auto-Tune Pro preserves a singer's expressive vocal gestures?

  • 3

    Press _____ to join multiple audio regions together.

  • 4

    It is possible to route an aux track into another aux track, using sends.

  • 5

    When bouncing a mix or master with hardware routed with the I/O plugin, you must use a:

  • 6

    Hold _____ while clicking on a send amount to reset it to unity gain.

  • 7

    It is possible to recover clips on the stereo output with the gain plugin.

  • 8

    What parameter in the inspector allows you to change playing styles when using Studio Strings?

  • 9

    Press _____ to hide and show automation on tracks.

  • 10

    Which edit tool in Logic is generally best for "stepped" automation.

  • 11

    When using Melodyne, you can delete regions on the track, and this will also delete the transfer within the Melodyne plugin.

  • 12

    Hold _____ while dragging a plugin to duplicate it.

  • 13

    Logic's I/O plugin can input and output on different channels.

  • 14

    When putting time-based effects like reverb on an aux track, it's best to set the WET signal to:

  • 15

    Which parameter in the I/O plugin detects latency and automatically compensates for it?

  • 16

    Press _____ to create a marker at the playhead position.

  • 17

    Press _____ to hide and show hidden tracks.

  • 18

    Which of the following tape IPS settings would be best to tame harsh high end?

  • 19

    Put a send in ______ mode to ignore volume adjustments on the channel.

  • 20

    Effects sends can be added to individual tracks, but NOT track stacks.

  • 21

    Which stock Logic plugin is the best option to enhance transients?

  • 22

    Which stock Logic plugin allows you to create a side chain ducking effect?

  • 23

    Which compressor circuit model is closest to an LA2A style compressor?

  • 24

    Press _____ to pull up the drum replacement/doubling dialog.

Logic Pro 404
R&B / Pop Mixing Workflows
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