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  • 1

    With pre-fader metering, added gain produced by plug-ins will show on the meter, but not gain added by the fader.

  • 2

    Hold _____ while clicking and dragging to duplicate a region.

  • 3

    Which compressor circuit is typically best for vocals?

  • 4

    What is the shortcut to bounce in place?

  • 5

    A _____ has the ability to completely reduce the signal to ZERO when the signal passes below a set threshold.

  • 6

    What is the shortcut to pull up the Drum Replacement/Doubling dialog?

  • 7

    The Vintage Console EQ models the:

  • 8

    If adding compression to a track results in clipping on the meter (pre-fader), what should you do?

  • 9

    What is the shortcut to create a main window track for a selected track in the mixer?

  • 10

    Stereo Delay uses ____ to adjust how long the delay signal lasts for.

  • 11

    Which parameter in a compressor controls the amount of compression as the signal passes the threshold?

  • 12

    Use a ________ to process two or more tracks as a group.

  • 13

    The Enveloper Plug-in allows you to control the gain and time of the _____ of each drum hit.

  • 14

    Lowering the ______ allows you to boost the signal more in the Vintage Console EQ while avoiding distortion.

  • 15

    What is the shortcut to paste a selection in Logic?

  • 16

    The Vintage Graphic EQ models the:

  • 17

    What band of an EQ is going to be best for boosting extreme high frequencies?

  • 18

    What is the shortcut to enable/disable all groups in Logic?

  • 19

    Without pan law applied, tracks panned center will tend to sound:

  • 20

    Ensemble can vary the pitch of the signal with its:

  • 21

    Which of the follow describes the correct channel strip signal flow in Logic?

  • 22

    What is the shortcut to create a track stack in Logic?

  • 23

    What is the most common cause of phase cancellation issues?

  • 24

    When mixing use a _______ to allow more simultaneous plug-ins.

  • 25

    Holding _____ ensures that regions stay in alignment when you drag them vertically.

Logic Pro X 104
Mixing & Automation
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