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Ozone 10 201 - Mastering With Ozone.
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  • 1

    On the Tape module, what do the numbers on the speed dial mean?

  • 2

    In mastering, EQ can be used to correct nasty frequencies. True or false?

  • 3

    As the very last module in the mastering chain you should use the_________

  • 4

    In mastering, EQ can be used to take out resonances. True or false?

  • 5

    Making the bass frequencies narrow helps to avoid muddy bass on big mono systems. True or false?

  • 6

    Mastering assistant is new for Ozone. True or false?

  • 7

    How do you create upward compression?

  • 8

    A triode is a___

  • 9

    To properly judge the effect of the mastering, it's usually best to level match the before and after. True or false?

  • 10

    Ozone 10's new Stabilizer is primarily a _______________

  • 11

    The Dynamics module is a multiband saturator. True or false?

  • 12

    When applying compression in mastering you should...?

  • 13

    Impact is a new module for Ozone that has what main functions?

  • 14

    The Low End focus module in Ozone goes up to___

  • 15

    Comparing the before and after in mastering is not important. True or false?

  • 16

    What is the most important task of the mastering engineer?

  • 17

    Bus compression can be useful to add a little movement to the track. True or false?

  • 18

    To control how much processing Stabilizer applies across the spectrum, you can scale the amount of tonal correction in three frequency areas. True or false?

  • 19

    This course is about iZotope's ________ version of the famous mastering software Ozone

  • 20

    When used correctly, an exciter can add ________ to the sound

Ozone 10 201
Mastering With Ozone
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