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Minimoog 101 - Minimoog Model D - Explained and Explored.
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  • 1

    To enable release stage for the envelopes, which switch needs to be turned ON

  • 2

    The Mod wheel is hardwired to control modulation depth. True or false?

  • 3

    The new MiniMoog reissue is exactly the same as the original 1970s design. True or false?

  • 4

    When was the original Minimoog released?

  • 5

    The LFO modulated which of the 3 oscillators?

  • 6

    Which one of these noise types does the MiniMoog not implement?

  • 7

    What is the slope of the Minimoog filter?

  • 8

    The emphasis control is also known as?

  • 9

    The system of using feet to measure octaves comes from which instrument?

  • 10

    How many noise types are available on the Minimoog?

  • 11

    What is the default note priority?

  • 12

    The new MiniMoog has a dedicated LFO section: True or false?

  • 13

    How many oscillators are there on the Minimoog?

  • 14

    When nothing is plugged into the external input jack on the Minimoog, the control for that produces feedback. True or false?

  • 15

    What is the sonic difference between the two sawtooth shapes on oscillator 3?

  • 16

    A square wave has both even and odd harmonics. True or false?

  • 17

    What switch needs to be turned ON for the Glide to work?

  • 18

    The tuning indicator for oscillator 2 may not always be accurate so it's best to tune by ear. True or false?

  • 19

    Sustain at full, eliminates which control?

  • 20

    The reference A440 produces what wave shape?

  • 21

    Can more than one modulator be assigned to modulate the filter cutoff?

  • 22

    Can the CV ins and outs be used to make the minimoog velocity sensitive?

  • 23

    The set cutoff value is always the starting point for the filter envelope modulation. True or false?

Minimoog 101
Minimoog Model D - Explained and Explored
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