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Moog Subharmonicon 101 - Moog Subharmonicon Explored.
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  • 1

    Which parameter needs to be set to the highest value to make the filter self resonate?

  • 2

    Which oscillator is internally assigned to modulate the Pulse Width of the Main Oscillator?

  • 3

    How many sub-oscillators does each oscillator have?

  • 4

    How many main oscillators are available on the Subharmonicon

  • 5

    What is the maximum pitch range possible with the Step Sequencer?

  • 6

    Which two synths was the Subharmonicon design inspired by?

  • 7

    Audio Rate modulation of parameters on the synth can lead to creating new timbres that may have a West Coast Synthesis like sound

  • 8

    How many steps does each sequencer have?

  • 9

    What are the two controls available in the VCA section of Subharmonicon?

  • 10

    The Subharmonicon can be played with a MIDI keyboard.

  • 11

    When the sub-oscillator's pitch knob is set to the highest position, it's pitch is the same as the main oscillator

  • 12

    The Rhythm can be modulated with the steps from the sequencer

  • 13

    Using the Patchbay either sequencer can be used to modulate either oscillators

  • 14

    Multiple Rhythms can be assigned to the same sequencer

  • 15

    What is the steepness of this filter

  • 16

    The Moog Subharmonic is a semi-modular synthesizer. True or false?

  • 17

    When the Rhythm knob is set to the highest, the tempo is the same as the Global Tempo

  • 18

    Which slow moving modulator on the Subharmonicon can be used to modulate the Pulse Width?

  • 19

    What button on the Subharmonicon will force both the sequencers to jump to Step 1

Moog Subharmonicon 101
Moog Subharmonicon Explored
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