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Music Theory 106 - Building Chord Progressions.
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  • 1

    Which of the following statement is false?

  • 2

    An Authentic cadence is more subtle than a Plagal cadence. True or false?

  • 3

    The subtonic chord of a major scale is:

  • 4

    In the following chord progression, Ab min is a _________. F / A min / Ab min / G min / C

  • 5

    What is Backcycling technique used for?

  • 6

    Sus chords differ from added tone chords because

  • 7

    Which chord provides the strongest feeling of resolution back to the Tonic?

  • 8

    What type of cadence do we have when the V & I chords are in root position and the melody ends on the tonic?

  • 9

    The fifth scale degree is called the

  • 10

    All notes of the major scale are present in the I, IV and V chords. True or false?

  • 11

    The range of notes in which a voice or instrument produces the best timbre is called:

  • 12

    Moving to the Tonic is like

  • 13

    In the following progression, which chord is the secondary dominant: C / A min / B7 / E min / G7 / C

  • 14

    A chord shared by two tonal centers is called:

  • 15

    Which chord provides the strongest feeling of resolution back to the tonic chord?

  • 16

    A Pivot Chord is

  • 17

    If you add an A note to a G chord, you are playing:

  • 18

    The I, IV and V chords are called

  • 19

    A V7 chord should always resolve to the tonic. True or false?

  • 20

    Styles that are very rhythmic in a nature often benefit from using

  • 21

    Which chord is not a diatonic chord of the C major scale?

  • 22

    Which of the following chord type is "open and ambiguous"?

  • 23

    A7 is the secondary dominant of which chords?(Choose the best answer)

  • 24

    Which chord represents stability?

  • 25

    Which chord is often used to prolong a resolution?

Music Theory 106
Building Chord Progressions
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