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Music Theory 107 - Reading Music.
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  • 1

    A dot is used to _____ the value of the note it’s attached to.

  • 2

    Rest are never tied across barlines. True or False?

  • 3

    A dotted half note lasts for this many beats.

  • 4

    Which line or space is the note “C” in Treble clef?

  • 5

    F minor has this many flats in its key signature.

  • 6

    The musical staff consists of...

  • 7

    The treble clef is also referred to as the _______.

  • 8

    Ledger lines are used to ________ the basic staff.

  • 9

    We use the word _____ when counting eighth notes.

  • 10

    Fours of these add up to a half note.

  • 11

    This is the interval between the first and third lines on a staff.

  • 12

    The Bass clef is used when writing guitar music. True or False?

  • 13

    The Grand Staff is commonly used to write music for this instrument.

  • 14

    Rests indicate moments of _____ in written music.

  • 15

    Which of these is a compound time signature?

  • 16

    Adding a dot to a note extends its value by half. True or False?

  • 17

    Two of these equal a quarter note.

  • 18

    Ties are used when a note carries over a _______.

  • 19

    This is the note on the top line of the bass clef.

  • 20

    This symbol is used to cancel a sharp or flat on a note.

  • 21

    8th-note triplets fit 3 equal values into the space of ___ 8th notes.

  • 22

    4/4 time is also known as _____ Time.

  • 23

    The key signature for A Major has _______ sharps.

  • 24

    Triplets are made of three notes of identical pitch. True or False?

  • 25

    The 1st line of the treble clef represents the note ______.

Music Theory 107
Reading Music
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