Music Theory 108
Notating Music
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Being able to notate music is a valuable skill for any musician to have. In this music theory course, master composer and arranger Gregg Fine explains all the fundamentals you need to start writing your own scores and lead sheets.
Gregg Fine, founder and principal composer of Hidden Tiger Music, is an award-winning guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and veteran composer of music for advertising.
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Musical scores are fascinating. Using little black dots and strange, archaic symbols, composers are able to transcribe the music they hear in their heads onto paper, which musicians can then read to bring the music to life. While music notation can look very complex and difficult to learn, this course by master composer and arranger Gregg Fine is designed to make it easy and fun!

The course starts with a look at the staff system and the concept of clefs. Using just a pencil and a piece of paper, Greg shows you the dos and don'ts of drawing noteheads, stems, ledger lines, bar lines, etc. After teaching you the concept of meter, Greg shows you everything you need to know about writing note values, rests, and key signatures. As you progress through the tutorials, you get familiar with more advanced concepts such as slurs & ties, the grand staff, dynamic markings, and more.

Watching this course gives you a firm grasp on how music notation works, and how to create logical, easy-to-read scores. So pull out your pencil and score paper, and join our expert music theory expert Gregg Fine in this musical notation exposé!
Section 1: Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Section 2: Clefs
Section 3: Section 3: Drawing Notes
Section 4: Section 4: Time Signatures
Section 5: Section 5: Bar Lines and Repeats
Section 6: Section 6: Note Values
Section 7: Section 7: Rests
Section 8: Section 8: Repeat Measures
Section 9: Section 9: Key Signatures and Accidentals
Section 10: Section 10: Spacing
Section 11: Section 11: Beams
Section 12: Section 12: The C Clefs
Section 13: Section 13: Slurs and Ties
Section 14: Section 14: The Grand Staff
Section 15: Section 15: Dynamics and Accents
Section 16: Section 16: Conclusion
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