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Pro Tools 104 - Mixing & Automation.
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  • 1

    Mixing in Pro Tools can include:

  • 2

    When you use the Bounce-to-Disk command…

  • 3

    When a Mix Group is assigned to a VCA Fader…

  • 4

    Setting level and pan is a mixing activity. True or false?

  • 5

    The best way to approach a mix is to…

  • 6

    How do you call an Expander that's used to remove low-level noise and leakage?

  • 7

    What are the five basic Automation modes in Pro Tools?

  • 8

    Within a Channel Strip, the actual order of signal flow is…

  • 9

    Staggering frequency ranges when EQing a mix means…

  • 10

    Which type of track incorporates both audio and MIDI data?

  • 11

    In an Automation display, the Trim tool…

  • 12

    Hard-panning a stereo track or a stereo-doubled track means

  • 13


  • 14

    Mixing means…

  • 15

    For mixing, the metering would normally be set to:

  • 16

    ADT stands for

  • 17

    What are the sections of a Channel Strip in Pro Tools?

  • 18

    Master bus processing...

  • 19

    Two types of bussing include:

  • 20

    Two types of reverb processors are:

  • 21

    Name 2 ways to create Automation in Pro Tools.

  • 22

    For more subtle, gradual overall compression, you might dial up…

  • 23

    Clip Gain differs from regular (track) Automation in that…

  • 24

    The one hard-and-fast rule in modern mixing is…

  • 25

    Delay-based effects like Flanging and Chorusing incorporate

Pro Tools 104
Mixing & Automation
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