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Pro Tools 502 - Studio Series - Recording Vocals.
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  • 1

    Angling a mic up at the singer's face can pick up the nasally character in a singers voice.

  • 2

    Vocals can benefit from added ______ in dense arrangements, to stand out in the mix better.

  • 3

    A boost in the _______ range can help to improve the clarity and diction in the voice.

  • 4

    What edit mode in Pro Tools moves clips adjacent to each other?

  • 5

    You CANNOT avoid excess sibilance by changing the microphone position alone.

  • 6

    Which control in Auto-Tune Pro adds realism to sustained notes at high retune speeds?

  • 7

    You can avoid using a pop filter on the SM7B by angling the mic up or down.

  • 8

    A DeEsser is a fast acting ________ that only works on the high frequencies.

  • 9

    Which dynamic microphone is often very useful for rock and more aggressive vocal types?

  • 10

    This option will give your singer some time before the punch range to prepare before singing.

  • 11

    What is the key to creating big group vocals?

  • 12

    Turn on _______ in Pro Tools to allow 'punch on the fly' recording.

  • 13

    Which type of microphone requires phantom power?

  • 14

    Which term describes a patchbay where paths are automatically connected, and no patch is needed?

  • 15

    Which of the following is NOT a good way to level out dynamics when recording?

  • 16

    How can you use a condenser mic for broadcasting, but still avoid plosives without a pop filter?

  • 17

    Which type of microphone will typically give you the most saturation?

  • 18

    Quick Swipe Comping automatically adds fades to all of your edit points.

  • 19

    You should rely on quantization and grid to snap Elastic Audio vocal edits.

  • 20

    Two stages of softer compression can often be more effective than one stage of heavy compression.

  • 21

    Aux Tracks in Pro Tools will always receive signal, even when they are not armed.

  • 22

    Solid state microphones use what components for amplification?

  • 23

    Harmony a 3rd down + 1 octave up is equal to:

  • 24

    When you sing closer to the microphone you get:

  • 25

    Which term describes the first note in a scale?

Pro Tools 502
Studio Series - Recording Vocals
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