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Reaktor 6 102 - BLOCKS Explored.
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  • 1

    The most advanced level of Reaktor building is called:

  • 2

    LFO stand for:

  • 3

    FM stands for...

  • 4

    Rounds Reverb is a reverb unit that utilizes how many delay taps?

  • 5

    What does PWM stand for?

  • 6

    All the actual patching and wiring of the Reaktor Blocks happens where?

  • 7

    Snapshots can be created to access different parts of a song arrangement within a single patch. True or false?

  • 8

    Which of these filter blocks will not self-oscillate?

  • 9

    The best use of the CV Mix Utility is for...

  • 10

    How many Reaktor Blocks does Reaktor 6 come with to start?

  • 11

    The Quantizer Block can...

  • 12

    When the Level parameter is set to zero, the CVP...

  • 13

    The Bento Box OSC is capable of doing FM and Oscillator Sync. True or false?

  • 14

    A MIDI CC assignment can only be made to one single parameter and cannot be spread across multiple Blocks. True or false?

  • 15

    Which of these components is not part of Monark?

  • 16

    The Bento Box 8 Steps is only capable of creating 8 step sequences. True or false?

  • 17

    Reaktor's inputs can accept a signal for processing from which of the following:

  • 18

    If you don't know what a specific parameter in Reaktor does, you can:

  • 19

    You can perform Oscillator Sync with a single oscillator. True or false?

  • 20

    The S&H Block has a built in noise generator?

  • 21

    Which of the filters does not have an FM input?

  • 22

    Monark is a non-official emulation of what classic synth?

  • 23

    LFOs can not be combined into a mixer to create a unique new LFO waveform. True or false?

  • 24

    Reaktor was born from Native Instruments' first product ever released called:

  • 25

    The Util Trig block is most useful for what kind of application?

Reaktor 6 102
BLOCKS Explored
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