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Studio One 4 103 - Recording and Editing Audio.
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  • 1

    Open Studio One's Preferences window with:

  • 2

    What is the shortcut to toggle Loop Record on/off?

  • 3

    The Option Key for shortcuts in the Mac version of Studio One, is _____ in the PC version.

  • 4

    A stereo track has ____ channels.

  • 5

    The closer a microphone is to the sound source, the more low end the recording will have.

  • 6

    Make sure _____ is on when using Auto Punch to avoid overlapping recordings.

  • 7

    What is the shortcut to show/hide automation?

  • 8

    The shortcut to open the record panel is:

  • 9

    What is the shortcut to split a region/event at the playhead?

  • 10

    These two shortcuts allow you to zoom in and out horizontally.

  • 11

    What is the shortcut to open the Mixer?

  • 12

    What is the shortcut to turn on Auto Punch?

  • 13

    Bounce a selection of regions/events on your timeline with:

  • 14

    Holding Option while you trim a region/event applies time bending (compression/expansion).

  • 15

    Which instrument of the following, will be least useful as a Group Guide track for Audio Bending?

  • 16

    If you start hearing pops and clicks in the signal during playback:

  • 17

    How many cents are contained within one semitone?

  • 18

    Drag over regions and press ____ to automatically create crossfades.

  • 19

    When using the Audio Bend tool, green waveforms have been expanded, and red waveforms have been compressed.

  • 20

    Hover over the top-middle of a blob, and double click to:

  • 21

    Quickly select the Range Tool by pressing:

  • 22

    What is the shortcut to create a group out of a selection of tracks?

  • 23

    What is the shortcut to export your mix?

  • 24

    Comping audio with Layers automatically crossfades the edit points.

Studio One 4 103
Recording and Editing Audio
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