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Studio One 5 103 - Audio Recording and Editing.
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  • 1

    Press _____ to activate the loop.

  • 2

    Press _____ to toggle preroll recording.

  • 3

    When recording overlapping audio in Studio One, short crossfades will automatically be created.

  • 4

    Press _______ to export a mixdown of your song.

  • 5

    Press _______ to create a group out of selected channels.

  • 6

    Press ______ to duplicate events.

  • 7

    Which of the following drum tracks will serve best as a guide track for audio bending?

  • 8

    Which resolution allows for +6 dBFS of additional dynamic range, that can be normalized down to 0 dBFS to recover clips?

  • 9

    Press ______ to create a marker in the marker track.

  • 10

    Press _____ to hide and show automation on your tracks.

  • 11

    When using time-based effects like reverb on a Bus Channel, it's best to have the MIX knob set to:

  • 12

    Hide and show the record panel by pressing:

  • 13

    Press ________ to create a play start marker.

  • 14

    What shortcut can be used to add new tracks?

  • 15

    Press ______ to edit an audio event in Melodyne.

  • 16

    Hold _____ while using the arrow tool to trim, to stretch or compress audio events.

  • 17

    Press _____ while tabbing to transients to make a selection.

  • 18

    Use the _______ tool to create transient markers.

  • 19

    Press _____ to activate Auto Punch.

  • 20

    Use a ___________ to convert instrument level to line level.

  • 21

    To zoom in studio one, use the shortcut keys:

  • 22

    Press _____ to quickly create crossfades on adjacent events.

  • 23

    Press _____ to bounce and consolidate a selection to a new event.

Studio One 5 103
Audio Recording and Editing
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