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Sylenth 101 - Sylenth - Explored.
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  • 1

    LFOs are an example of a control signal. True or false?

  • 2

    When making a synth bass sound, the ideal number for Polyphony should be...

  • 3

    What is the range of the Octave control in the oscillator section?

  • 4

    A Low Pass filter is also called a ...

  • 5

    How many overtones are there in a sine wave?

  • 6

    How many filter modules are there in Sylenth

  • 7

    How can you ensure that the Delay effect is synced to the Host Tempo?

  • 8

    Damp on the Reverb effect is similar to which filter?

  • 9

    Setting two oscillators to sawtooth with one phase inverted will create no sound. True or false?

  • 10

    Dual Mode adds another stage to the chorus effect. True or false?

  • 11

    What control on the LFO will speed up or slow it down?

  • 12

    Sustain in an ADSR envelope is a measure of time (secs or ms). True or false?

  • 13

    LFOs are an example of a control signal. True or false?

  • 14

    How many distortion algorithms are there in the distortion effect?

  • 15

    In a Low Shelving EQ, all frequencies below the cutoff will be boosted or attenuated. True or false?

  • 16

    What should the Filter Envelope Sustain be set at to create a pluck?

  • 17

    The Amp Envelopes on Part A and Part B are independent. True or false?

  • 18

    How can you ensure that the Delay effect is synced to the Host Tempo?

  • 19

    What kind of wave shapes should be used to simulate an organ type sound?

  • 20

    The Filter control section makes it easy to simultaneously control the cutoff & resonance on both filters. True or false?

  • 21

    Which of the following is ideal when creating evolving pad sounds?

  • 22

    What is the maximum bend range on the pitch bend wheel?

  • 23

    The Width dial on the Phaser relies on which other control for it to work?

  • 24

    Step, Step+Key or Step+Hold will let you assign velocity values for each step in the Arpeggiator. True or false?

  • 25

    How can you switch the compressor to Limiter mode?

Sylenth 101
Sylenth - Explored
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