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Coding For Musicians 101 - Web Audio Explored.
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  • 1

    We can pass in ... to functions.

  • 2

    A great website to reference JavaScript documentation is...

  • 3

    The value of an AudioParam is in the form of a/an ...

  • 4

    The Google Autoplay Policy requires the ... to initiate the sound.

  • 5

    A JavaScript object contains ...

  • 6

    HTML stands for "Hypertext ... Language"

  • 7

    The final output of your audio is represented as a ... node.

  • 8

    What's another name for a method?

  • 9

    This type of tag is used to link to a JavaScript file.

  • 10

    We declare a variable in JavaScript with the keyword...

  • 11

    We style HTML by creating CSS ...

  • 12

    The main role of JavaScript is to add ... to our web apps and websites.

  • 13

    We can invoke a function by using a pair of ...

  • 14

    We use ... to extend the functionality of our code editor.

  • 15

    In JavaScript, the convention used to write variable names is called ...

  • 16

    True or False: CSS can be written directly in the HTML file.

  • 17

    The order of your script tags is important. True or False?

  • 18

    To code directly in a browser, we can use our browser's ...

  • 19

    To create a filter with the Web Audio API, use the ... method.

  • 20

    True or False: the Web Audio API can be used to build synthesizers, drum machines, and sequencers?

  • 21

    Another name for the two pipe symbol is the ...

  • 22

    The problem with writing code entirely in the developer console is that it doesn't ...

  • 23

    String types need to be enclosed in ...

Coding For Musicians 101
Web Audio Explored
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