• amerikiwi
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    automation very hard to use
    Hello all ! Im finding automation very hard to use. compared to Pro Tolls that is. I know in the Logic 101 for Logic 8 Martin describes it as ' one of the best features of logic' and goes on to show some great examples of automating eq sweeps and such. but to me the most basic feature and most often needed is to automate faders for volume. I find logic painfully slow to do this if your dealing with more than one track at a time. the node thing is just not very precise. am I just missing something big here, and do you guys have a clue you can give me, or perhaps a upcoming tutorial of Steve H to cover this, or is Logic 8 the ugly sister to Pro tools in this area of mixing? im starting to feel that logic just can't be a real mixing platform fro live music, but is great for programed music that is written one track at a time such as techno or R8B. it looks to me that one needs to use the marque tool to select a region and then pull the value with the mouse to what I want it to be. painfully slow way to work if you have, and are used to mixing with a control surface. but you have to to this one track at time, and cannot do it over several tracks at once. shouldn't there be a key command to print the current fader value over a rubber banded or marquee selected area of tracks as updated to track automation? this is what I'm trying to do: Im doing post production work with live concert footage. I'd love to do this in logic - it sounds better to me than Pro Tools, the native plug inns rock, I like the EQ with the ability to see freq response, and the ability to bounce off line is a huge time saver for longer projects. I want to believe in this platform. lets say im mixing three songs with very different fader levels per song in one session. a live concert for lay-back to video, So I want all the songs in one session to re-synch to video. another example could be post production for tv with multiple mics and room tones that need balancing per shot in a sequence of shots. I want to automate big fader changes per song or sequence. I want to 'Snap shot' across multiple tracks AT ONCE and 'print' my mix per section or even the song of a multi song project. once I have a start ballpark balance I don't want to wait the duration of a 5 minute song to print this basic start value via a long write. and latch is limiting as I have to start with song 1 and move to the right. I want to select a range and print fader values and move on. now lets say at the chrs. of that song I want a big shift on fader values over several tracks at the same point. how do I do this in the least amount of moves? it seems I can only do it one track at a time, and then the node points don't drop straight down, they Ramp down, which messes me up. So if I want just a small dip I end up having to do a four point edit to not mess up my previous values. well over a small section the resolution is such that one has to zoom far in to add the node points. all very time consuming and a lot of key commands! It seems to me there is no quick key method of inserting node points to record my current fader value, other than Marque tooling a section on ONE track , pointing and clicking with my mouse, which starts at 0 db and adjusting up or down - which feels a lot like throwing darts at a target - Im getting close but then I have to stop and fine tune. I'v got a Euphonix MC mix that I can dial in the perfect fader levels on . I want to be able to tell Logic to copy this value to my tracks automation value with key command, and move on. any help on this (sorry its so long!!) Amerikiwi
  • steveH
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    Re: automation very hard to use
    Have you tried "real time" automation?
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