• Student480118
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    changing pitch of a single MIDI note
    Does anyone know of a way I can change one pitch within a MIDI track to a different temperament? I can change the pitch in the over all project settings under tuning and that works fine to produce the desired pitch, however that changes the pitch for the entire project and not that particular note only. I'm adding microtones on particular pitches but don't want it implemented throughout the entire project, only a certain set of notes half way through the piece. I tried finding a way but could not. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!
  • Joe A
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    Re: changing pitch of a single MIDI note
    Hi - Short answer: I would think the quickest/easiest way to do it would be to temporarily set the Project Settings > Tuning adjustment the way you want it, select and bounce down just that one section of that MIDI/Instrument track to audio [using the Bounce-in-Place command], and then reset the tuning back to normal. Longer answer/suggestions: Other than the Project Settings > Tuning adjustment that you're already familiar with, I guess another way to be able to do what you want would be if a particular virtual instrument includes its own scale/tuning options within the plug-in [you could isolate that MIDI passage on its own track and implement it there]. Of course I don't know what VI you're using, and I'm not sure which VIs [if any] might even offer that capability -- you'd have to do a little research if you think that would be worth investigating.. That said, it may be possible to adjust fine tuning within the MIDI spec, apparently via the use of MIDI RPN messages. I can't give you any details on it -- I've never had occasion to explore that particular aspect of MIDI -- but I found some discussion of RPN messages on the MIDI Association website [ ]. Digging into the MIDI spec may be more than you want to get into, and I'm not even sure if you can change the tuning of just one pitch via RPN messages, but if you're up for it, I guess a little exploration might be worth the effort. If that interests you [maybe for future scenarios], a couple of suggestions: - Do a Google search for "MIDI RPN fine tuning" -- it should turn up a lot of responses - Go over to the MIIDI Association website [ ] and search "RPN fine tuning" there as well
  • Student480118
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    Joined: Apr 26th, 2021
    Re: changing pitch of a single MIDI note
    YES!! Thank you so much actually that worked. I just bounced the microtonal part into audio and then isolated that part, changed the project tuning back to normal and kept both Midi and audio running at the same time. worked Perfect. I didn't think about doing that actually. I think this is much easier and less time consuming than the MIDI RPN stuff, and not really worth diving into since I'm only dealing with a couple of notes here and there. Although thanks for the information on that as well.
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