• odessaflyer
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    Creating Tracks that Breathe
    I recently recorded a composition in Logic that I like very much. Once I bounced the track ( No mastering) I made an MP3 also. First i listened to the track. then I compared to other Itunes MP3 tracks that I collected from European minimal techno and other excellent recordings. Then I listened to a simple track I recorded using a Sony MD recorder with a $50 Mic. Both the Euro tracks and the Simple Sony track have a very vital element that my Logic track is still missing that I notice makes all the difference in the world to my ears and I've been trying to determine what makes this key difference to any and all recordings I hear. By comparison - my track sounds like the life has been squelched out of it...the aural field is narrow no matter what reverb or pluggins or hardware is used - and sounds are getting non-distinct - compared to the vast spacialness that I hear in the other tracks...( and this is not due to reverb alone either) where each sound swims in a huge aural field and every sound has distinct timber and textural clear quality even mixes all work together and they all breathe with life. Soo too, oddly, does the simple Sony MD recording and there was nothing done to this at all!! AND it's running through the very same hardware, soundcard and Logic. At first i think it must be in the compression or in the way i used plugins or it is in the lack of mastering...but the more I listen to many CDs and recordings I think's something mysterious...something elemental to the software and hardware itself perhaps...but to my ears this one subject is worth half of all the tips and tricks in the world once i can solve it...because it makes or breaks any track and it will not matter what is used to make that track if it cannot solve this issue - This is my quest to set out to determine what makes the difference. I could listen to any CD now and tell within 5 seconds if the track has this single difference, oir not, and it is not just a digital verses analog issue either.. the electronic music that I really like has mastered this issue and any track that successfully solves this issue - sounds alive and swimming in a huge spacialness and I don't think it is just an issue created by high level reverb either, virtual or hardware or software's something else...something That is key and more basic to the root elements of the software and hardware itself perhaps?? and to me this key trick or tip is THE most important of all for me to figure out right now otherwise I see no reason to record until i figure this out. I could pick it out of any recording now...I would highly appreciate anyone who could shed some light on this most important for me-subject-thanks in advance! JBell
  • odessaflyer
    Posts: 44
    Joined: Oct 5th, 2006
    Re: Creating Tracks that Breathe
    If may i will add to my own previous post. I did try doing a total remix. I did find that beginning from re-setting the gain staging on all tracks helped and then readjusting adjusting compression accordingly also helped. also, one track using multipressor plugin was turned off and I didn't notuce it. That helped. Then i adjusted filter and EQ on Scultpture track. that helped. Then I added a thrid party reverb to output. that helped a little -I readjusted Binaural panning and EQ on tracks.. well the remix is considerably better now. i want to say that all the tutorials are excellent without which i couldn't have gotten this far. I do think there's still something very interesting about my question that I hope to explore further in the future. Thank you! Jbell
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