• Deep Deon
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    Joined: Aug 7th, 2007
    ERROR: "end-of-file" Result Code = -39
    Hello all, I'm fairly new to Logic, and have come across a problem that simply cannot be ignored and is causing very big problems for my creative process. Here it is: I audition an apple loop (regardless blue or green) from the Media tap/loops tab. The audition sounds flawless, but when I drag it into the arrange window (regardless if dragged onto an empty existing soft. inst. track, or if dragged onto empty space to create a new independent track) I get the following: "Logical end-of-file reached during read operation...Result code = -39" What this does is when I bring the loop into the arrange window, it'll play ONLY 1 (maybe 2) notes of MIDI data, where MANY notes of MIDI can be seen in the Piano Roll. When I click on the individual notes that aren't playing in the Piano Roll, they still won't sound-off (same applies when striking keys on my MIDI keyboard with the track's soft. inst. is applied). Those notes exist as visible, manipulable data in the Piano Roll, but are "dead." Here's my setup: - 17" Macbook Pro on Tiger 10.4.11 (latest version as of date of this entry). 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo | 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM - HD space: 75GB used | 72GB free - Logic Pro 8.0.0 Installed on the internal drive - Korg KONTROL49 MIDI Keyboard Now this doesn't happen with [i]every[/i] apple loop, but it happens with far too many of them for my tolerance. Again, I stress the fact that the loop can be heard in it's intended entirety ONLY when auditioning in the Media tab/Loops tab, but not when dragged into the arrange window. I don't know if this would be a factor, but I used to own Logic 7, and had purchased all of the Jam Packs. After installing Logic 8, I'm not sure if I re-installed all of those many Jam Packs included with L8 (which would've taken up much unnecessary space on my HD). Whatever L8's default installation method was, I did just that. I cannot find an answer for this anywhere on the internet thus far. Please respond to this as soon as you can, as I have to wait to make music (which frankly is making me depressed). Thanks, Deon
  • Rounik Admin
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    Re: ERROR: "end-of-file" Result Code = -39
    Hi Deon, I've not come across this error code. But there are two different things I'd do in your position: 1. Repair Permissions Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility Select your Mac's HD Choose "repair Permissions" Restart your mac 2. Install the Logic 8.0.2 update and check for any pro app update. If the above don't help you can find out if you're using the Logic 7 loops or the Logic 8 loops by going to: Library/Audio/Apple Loops..... Are the apple loops aiff or caf files? If they are aiff then you might consider installing the apple loop content from the original installation discs. Let us know how you get on. Cheers Rounik
  • mPV Support
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    Re: ERROR: "end-of-file" Result Code = -39
    Hi, Can you tell us which appleloops are having this issue ? Try saving your song before dragging the appleloop to the arrange. Christian
  • andyadams
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ERROR: "end-of-file" Result Co
    I am new to your products.While I'm loading different virtual instruments into a song template for scoring, I get the following message: "Logical end-of-file reached during read operation" What is this actually telling me and what should I do about it?
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