• Jehubyi
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    Question for Steve. H
    Hi Steve H., How ya doin? Rounik asked me to dig further on this topic/question, so I hope you can help me with it. "I recently recorded a song via Pro Tools, after which we imported the files into Logic. Well, first of all, my guitar player made a template version of the song which we, the band, played to in the studio. I then opened a new project in Logic and imported the Pro Tools files into that project as .wav files. I didn't know that my guitar player wanted to KEEP those template tracks for the real song, so I never imported those template files into the new project which I made (the project with the Pro Tools files). Now, I have recently beat mapped the project with the Pro Tools files, not the template version, and now I am trying to get the template version tracks into the project which I beat mapped, but when I copy and paste the template tracks into my project, the tracks ARE NOT synching up with the tempo of the beat mapped project. Is it impossible for me to bring pre-recorded audio from one project to another beat mapped project? Does that make sense? Thanks Steve H., Jodie
  • steveH
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    Re: Question for Steve. H
    I'm confused. If you recorded the new tracks in time (and sync) with the template tracks, then all of the tracks "should" be in sync with the new Logic Project. Possible solution: Make sure that the template regions are [b]not[/b] set to "Follow Tempo" in the region parameter box. Because they are the original tempo templates, if you check follow tempo, they will then distort their original timings to conform to tempo changes in the new beat mapped project. See if they are indeed following tempo, and if they are uncheck those regions' FT boxes.
  • Jehubyi
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    Joined: Feb 10th, 2008
    Re: Question for Steve. H
    Hi Steve H., Thanks for the quick reply:) How do you do it? I mean, you've gotta be unbelievably busy! Anyway, thanks:) Yeah, my GREEN-ness with Logic is coming out with this one: My guitar player recorded @ 44,100kHz, which I didn't know, and then I started a new project with the Pro Tools files @ 48,000kHz!!!! See the problem!!!! It's all good now:) I also checked the Follow Tempo possibility that you mentioned long before I realized the differennt sampling rates, and I had the FT box unchecked, so thanks for that heads-up as well:) I've only been using Logic Pro 8 for 1 year now, or any music software for that matter, and I'm still new to all this stuff, but these forums really help, especially a dummie like me:(!!!! I recently bought your 201 tutorial, and I just finished sections 1 & 2, and man o man, this is sooooooooooooooo much fun:) I also have your UB Unleashed tutorial, and you're right, it is a MONSTER!:) Thanks Steve H., riftmazefee (a.k.a. Jodie Campbell; I'm a guy; hahahahahaha) p.s. If you're bored sometime, check out my band's website:
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