• Paul
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    Joined: Jan 23rd, 2009
    Insufficient access privileges for operation Result code -5000.
    Hi all, So I upgraded from my Macbook Pro on 10.4.11 to a new imac on 10.5.6. I used the Apple Migration tool for the transfer. Now, when ever I want to record or save a track in the same file location, Logic tells me that I do not have the administration rights to save. I check the folders by pressing Apple I and set all the privileges to read and right. If I then restart Logic, I get the same problem. I managed to save the song only by "saving as" onto an empty drive. Today I tryed to record vocals at home and I got a message saying: Insufficient access privileges for operation Result code -5000. If I had any hair, I'd be pulling it out by now! Now, my mac OS 10.5.6 only has the one log in, which is the admin. When I checked the info for the files in question, I saw one user who is listed as (unknown) and I am unable to change the privlage to read and write (it is stuck on read) Someone please help! Thanks guys! [img][/img]
  • Bj
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    Re: Insufficient access privileges for operation Result code -50
    Hi Paul, The Migration assistant is good for transfering some of the simpler Mac Apps, But not so for Pro Apps like Logic... I would definately re-installing Logic from the installer discs... Pop disc one in your drive and follow the on screen instructions... Re your 'unknown Account' it may have someting to do with you having used Migration Assistant... But I'm not sure.. As you have a New iMac I suggest you give Apple Care a call and explain what has happened and they should be able to help sort that out. But to reiterate, Logic should definately be Re Installed from the Installer Discs... Hope this helps... Cheers, Bj
  • Hamish H
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    Re: Insufficient access privileges for operation Resul...
    Hi folks sorry for resurrecting this thread... I'm about to migrate the contents of my iMac to a macbook pro (late 2011) and have a few questions r.e. what BJ is talking about: 1. is migration assistant better at migrating Logic now than back in 2009? 2. if not, do I need to remove Logic (with appzapper) before I reinstall it? 3. if I appzap Logic will appzapper also zap the additional content, i.e. all the audio files? Thanks very much Hamish
  • Rounik Admin
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    Re: Insufficient access privileges for operation Resul...
    Hey Hamish, uggh... tricky question. Haven't used MA in a very long time. Personally I don't trust it enough to use it, so I'd suggest not using it - but that's probably not what you want to hear? It's always nice to be able to start a new system from scratch and then transfer over select info you need (via Migration Assistant if you like). I don't think Appzap will remove all the associated files and settings for Logic and some of these are accessible to GarageBand... but with the latest version of Logic you may be encouraged to "update" the additional content... which would be a hefty download. So, actually, I'd suggest trying migration assistant and if it doesn't work, manually deleting the Logic app and associated .plists and then reinstalling from DVDs. Hope this helps... and do let us know how you get on. Cheers!
  • Hamish H
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    Re: Insufficient access privileges for operation Resul...
    Thanks Rounik, will do!
  • Hamish H
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    Joined: May 4th, 2009
    Re: Re: Re: Insufficient access privileges for operation Resul..
    Hmm... don't think it went awesomely to be honest I haven't tried Logic yet, but from what I have seen nothing in my downloads, documents, movies, or pictures folders has made it across, and there is probably more that didn't make it too,. Plan B I reckon. I have the full system backed up with carbon copy cloner - would you recommend that, and waht would be the best way to use it? I thought about booting the whole system with it, but the CCC website doesn't recommend copying over the entire OS unless the backup copy is an upgrade.. e.g. 10.6.7 to 10.6.8. Both computers are on 10.6.8. I can easliy revert back to 10.6.7 and use CCC - do you think that's a good idea? or better to stay on 10.6.8 and use CCC to trnasfer everything except for the OS? (how do I do that?) It was CCC who told me to use migration assistant, but I'd prefer to take a bit more time and make sure that I get everything transferred! (and working...) thanks for your help Rounik, once again I am asking you a whole lot of questions... H
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