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    Trying to convert beat mapped audio to steady tempo
    Hello Steve, I have a small boutique amp company called [url][/url] I create amp demonstrations to showcase our amp products. I do many of them by accurately replicating the original or desired tones of many great bands like Zeppelin or the Beatles etc. In order to to do this, I import the original artist recording as an .aif audio file, play along with a midi keyboard making a tick using the Klopfgeist in time with the music and create a beat map. I check the tempo with the metronome and it checks accurate to the original artist recording. I'm able to work up all the parts including harmony vocal lines with guitar, working with the original track makes this much easier and enables me to get the right vibe and choose the right amp tones as I go along. The beat map is accurate but the original tempo is typically all over the place. In particular, a recent demo was of a Beatles song, Dear Prudence and the tempo variances were very noticeable especially the tempo jumps up & down which were all originally recorded exactly as such. I made a copy of the project and I eliminate the beat map and made a steady average tempo of 77. This worked out fine for the drum tracks which had been run through the Apple Loops Utility and made into loops as well as the bass track that I had created on keyboard and is midi. The live guitar audio was mic'ed up and recorded via Neumann U87 and a Ribbon Mic and were superbly accurate and sound great but they are still running at the recorded tempo which was the beat map tempo. To get these guitar audio tracks smoothed out and to play along with the steady tempo of 77 has just got me stumped. Here is the demo I made with the original artist tempo via the beat map: [url][/url] Resolving this tempo smoothing challenge is a huge deal for me and is why I upgraded from Logic pro 8 to Logic pro 9 expecting it would have the tools to do so, mainly to make the audio corrections. I will tell you some of the audio guitar tracks were recorded with a little bit of tape echo live so they are not flat and dry. I have great faith in your ability to at least give me the right guidance maybe, what tutorials to watch so I can learn how to resolve this myself. I have watched a lot on the Flex editing 104 and worked all the way up through section 3 #16 but I don't think this is a Flex issue all together that I'm facing down or is it? BTW there are 13 guitar trax with all the solo and harmonies etc. I've been watching Mastering class #1 201 all day and am up to section 7 #49 but most of that is Midi orientated, Still extremely powerfully informative and endless all around learning which will be of tremendous use. I have not pinpointed how to take a beat mapped project and convert the recorded "Audio" tracks to a steady tempo that my midi bass and drum loops so easily adapted to. Thank you for any attention you can spare. Victor Mason Mojaveâ„¢ Ampworks LLC [img][/img]
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    Re: Trying to convert beat mapped ...
    Correction, There are 19 total guitar tracks and only the clean rhythm tracks (Blue and Purple) have the live tape echo effect on them, those account for 5 of the tracks. Why so many tracks you might ask? Because I would record a track while using two different microphones at the same time. The Neumann U87 used for the room and the Cascade Fathead II Ribbon used as the close up mic on the speaker cab. Victor Mason [img][/img]
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    Re: Trying to convert beat mapped ...
    Wow, you win the prize for the longest question!!! Why average out the tempo? Why not keep the original beat map (since you went to all the trouble). This might work: Cut the the guitar tracks into EXACTLY 1 (or possibly 2) measure regions. Line up the left edge of every region right on the the beat and then, one at a time, flex them to fit into exactly one measure. You should probably do this in polyphonic mode with complexity checked in the track parameter box. Lemme know if it works! Steve H
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