• geraberl
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    Joined: Sep 6th, 2006
    EQ Placement in Mastering...
    Hi all I have been watching Steve H's fantastic course on the Mastering toolkit. As a consequence it has become patently obvious that it is extremely important to get 'downward flow' of mastering plugins correct as this can have a big impact on the end result, for example, Steve's instruction to always have the Adaptive Limiter in the last slot on the out 1-2. Given that EQ also has a huge impact in shaping ones sound, can anyone shed some light or offer some advice as to where the channel EQ should be ideally placed in the descending hierarchy, eg, pre Multipressor or post etc? Any insights or advice welcome Cheers Gerald
  • Rounik Admin
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    Re: EQ Placement in Mastering...
    Hi Gerald, Hope you are well! I find I place the EQ before compressing the signal as then I'm compressing the result of the EQ rather than EQ'ing the result of the compression. Just my 0.02c :) Rounik
  • geraberl
    Posts: 29
    Joined: Sep 6th, 2006
    Re: EQ Placement in Mastering...
    Cheers Rounik old chum I kind of had a feeling that that would probably be the case, have it as the first link in the downward chain methinks Thanks for your response your 0.02c is always better than my 0.00000001c :) Hope all is well with you Gerald
  • Cajypiu
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    Re: EQ Placement in Mastering...
    Hi Geraberl and Rounik, my 2c... kiwi dollar so even less worth :) I would say there are times for EQing before compressing as well as after. For example, EQing before compressing as Rounik said, compresses the result of your EQing... so could be a good thing. Sometimes, however, when you compress, you smooth and shape the tone of the sound and sometimes EQing AFTER compressing can generate a more polished sound. There really are arguments for both but I always say, trust your ears and don't be afraid to experiment. Cheers, John
  • Darren
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    Joined: Dec 29th, 2007
    Re: EQ Placement in Mastering...
    Hi Gerald, I place my EQ's at the top of most channels like Rounik and YADJ. Occasionally I'll place an eq after an effect to cut out harmonics, clicks or other unwanted sounds. Using the High and Low pass filters together yields an excellent band pass filter too.
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