• JamieInNC
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    Joined: Nov 16th, 2009
    Anyone have the new...
    ...iMac quad-core? Just wondering how it takes to Logic and any hardware associated with that. I've heard they are quite finicky despite the sheer amount of processing power Apple claims it to have. I'm thinking about expanding the iMac I bought earlier this year and the 27" would be a beautiful addition to my desktop environment, especially after watching the Logic Node tutorials. I'd probably get the i5 because I've seen reviews that claim the i5 is better for what I want to do with it. I would definitely expand the RAM to 8GB and would probably keep the 1 TB hard drive. I already have a time capsule at 1 TB so space really wouldn't ever be an issue. Oh! and the scroll ball for my mighty mouse is driving me straight to the mental institution. The magic mouse is amazing... Jamie
  • Rounik Admin
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    Re: Anyone have the new...
    Hi Jamie, Not me... but I've heard there have been some issues with the screens in the early shipped 27" iMacs. Sounds like Apple are rectifying this situation and as a result shipping times are delayed by 2 weeks or so: [url][/url] I haven't yet tried out the Magic Mouse, but I agree the scroll wheel on the mighty mouse is such a great idea, but it's so easy to get clogged up :( At the moment Logic 9.0.2 can address just under 4GB ram. The EXS24 can address ram outside that limit and of course OSX and other apps can use the remaining... Just wanted to let you know. :) Rounik
  • JamieInNC
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    Joined: Nov 16th, 2009
    Re: Anyone have the new...
    Thanks Rounik! What exactly do you mean by "address" when speaking of RAM? Does that mean at it's maximum, Logic could potentially accommodate 4GB of RAM at once? Jamie's computer credentials: Buying gadgets/computers: REALLY good at it. Learning programs? Pretty good at it. Understanding the internals? Not a clue... Jamie
  • Darren
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    Multicores and Node
    Hi, I think the simplest way to think of addressing in this instance is just to swap it with the phrase "Talk To", or "Use". So Logic can use just under 4GB. Just thought I'd let you know that I have two 24" iMacs, and logic runs slower and crashes whenever I use Node. I have them hooked together via an Apple Time Capsule. I have also hooked them together directly. I've done everything right, but it still runs worse using Node. Just something to keep in mind. In my case I put it down to using a lot of third party plugins. Cheers Darren
  • JamieInNC
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    Re: Anyone have the new...
    Thank you Darren! Very interesting, indeed. Jamie
  • Mojave
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    Re: Anyone have the new...
    I have the Quad Core Mac Pro and I upgraded from a 24 inch 2007 iMac. Over all I didn't see any significant improvement other then plug ins. I do see that L9 spreads the load out across the channels on the 8 cores as the plug in load gets heavier but otherwise, it's just a really expensive very fast ahead of it's time computer that won't change my life until I get 64 bit programs. I have 16 gigs of RAM and 4 Terabyte drives so there is no doubt, the machine is beyond able to do it's job but I still get the preverbal, Logic has closed due to an overload, or the sorry we crashed, would you like to send a notice to Apple? message. Over all, I know I'm ready for the big 64 bit when it shows up. The computer is the best I've owned but if we ever get a 64 bit program, well then, I can probably get my investments worth. At the price of that new 27 inch mac pro 4 core processor, $2Kish, I would be hard pressed not to get that box with its 1Terabyte HD. That is a killer deal and if you work at it, you can get something off. Victor Mason Mojave Ampworks LLC.
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