• Razza
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    Hyper Draw/Automation
    Ok, so automation is great for fading out and fine tuning levels, but I want to do more! Just working with a bass track at the moment that has been recorded using lots of separate 'take files'. I've flattened these out and now made it in to one bass track. I have a large handful of audio regions on this track and because the regions are selected from different takes, certain bits come out at different volumes. Is there a way, at the begging of the mixing process, in which i can go through all of the audio regions and 'soundcheck' them with each other so they are all at the right level, and then when it gets to the later stage of the mix i only have to adjust the slider and not mess around changing 1,000,000 automation levels? I think you can do this with Hyper Draw but i dont not understand it fully, so if someone could explain this to me it'd be awesome! Im using Logic 9 if that helps? Cheers!
  • Rounik Admin
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    Re: Hyper Draw/Automation
    Hi Razza, Do you mean within each Take the levels are not consistent... or between the different takes the levels are inconsistent? Have you tried using a Compressor to level out the volume discrepancies? Additionally in the region parameters area (in the Inspector) you have separate gain levels for each region... In the Sample Editor you can normalise an audio region, which brings it's peak level upto a certain specified dB... However, I don't recommend this as it will raise the noise floor (background noise, hiss etc) and is a destructive process and will alter your audio files. It's difficult to say without being able to listen to the recorded material but going through manually and automating levels will often give you better results IMHO. Here are a couple of blog posts you may be interested in perusing that could be of help for manually automating levels: [url][/url] [url][/url] I should mention that Hyper Draw (region based automation) and Track Automation are different. Hyper Draw allows you alter MIDI CC and volume, pan, etc for an individual region, while Track Automation allows you easily modify channel strip and plugin parameters on a track. The later can be moved/copied along with regions if you decide to move or copy them on your tracks. I'd also recommend the Logic 101: Core Logic 9 tutorial that explores Track Automation in depth: [url][/url] Let me know if this helps or you have any other questions :) Rounik
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