• Peter Schwartz
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    Joined: Sep 15th, 2007
    Re: Track automation settings and ...
    OK, great, glad to know I'm on the right page. One question for you, just to clarify my understanding of what you're doing... are you recording MIDI CC's directly from the iXY into track automation using the automation splitters? Or are you converting those CC's to fader events first, then running those into automation splitters? You're right on the money regarding my "a" above with respect to using CC's to introduce expressive control over sounds. The idea of using an XY controller is certainly appealing. Re modulating multiple sound parameters at once, there are times when I'll use a single CC (such as modwheel) to simultaneously alter, say, volume and filter to get the expression I want from the instrument (typical "CC#11 action" as found on many Kontakt instruments and others). However, I've found that many times I get a more realistic/expressive result by riding volume with one controller and doing a separate pass of filter rides, but not trying to mirror the volume rides. But that's not to say that an iXY with multiple layers of control wouldn't work beautifully as well. When it comes to imparting expression into sampled instruments, I'm happy to share my insights, and I'm discussing the idea of some kind of tutorials with the powers that be here at MPV. But because expression is such a personal thing, I'll say in advance that I don't believe there are "rules" for imparting expression. There are concepts and methods, but ultimately it's up to each person to determine which methods work best for them, and for each particular instrument being played. And now, back to work! Cheers! Ski
  • Dekuruy
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    Re: Track automation settings and ...
    Good day, Ski, To answer your question, I guess I could say I'm doing both at the same time. I'm attempting to upload a screen shot, which might help clarify. If no screen shot appears, just go to the url. [img][/img] I've opened up the transformer that is controlling the Microphaser's Intensity (controlled by the iXY's x-axis) so that you can see that one Transformer performs both the conversion of the data to fader events and the sending of that transformed data to automation. The cable going out of both Transformers to another layer is going to the channel strip that contains the Microphaser on the Mixer layer. The other Transformer is receiving the y-axis data from the iXY pad, and converting it to control 1; databyte 7; to control the volume of that channel strip. Yes, in retrospect, I don't really need that y-axis Transformer, as I could have set the y-axis of the iXY to cc7. But generally, I like to keep all of my modifications inside Logic, so that I don't have to worry about properly programming all of my eternal controllers so much. I think that was some of the motivation behind designing the environment the way Apple did. So, hope that helps to clarify. Regarding your comments on expression: I totally understand and agree; there are no 'rules', per se, just understanding what the tools are and some possible ways to use them in the individual's own way, so that that individual can indeed express themselves through the music. It doesn't matter if the tools are within a DAW, or on a 'traditional' instrument. What's important is the artist's ability to communicate genuinely through whatever medium they are using. I can see from your posts that you understand that, as it seems all the trainers that I've heard here at MPV do as well. Thanks, and take care, Adam
  • Peter Schwartz
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    Joined: Sep 15th, 2007
    Re: Track automation settings and ...
    Great -- thanks for sharing how you're doing things!
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