• Linubaa
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    Joined: Sep 15th, 2006
    Tutorial Request: Score Editor
    I've pre-ordered and am looking greatly forward to my first MacProVideo Logic 8 101 vid(s). I've also enjoyed all the other helpful, in-depth tutorials that have helped me get more immersed in every aspect of what is now known as Logic Studio. With that in mind, I would like to humbly request: A course that focuses primarily on the Score Editor. In some ways it is almost an application in itself that I have tried using a few times, and would use much more with the same in-depth knowledge of its inner workings, as well as workarounds for its various quirks and idiosyncracies. I don't really use it to compose so much as transcribe from classical scores, but since I never formally learned to read music, working with it has been a valuable educational tool as well. Anyway, just wanted to throw that little squeak into the pool. I don't know of any other resource that exclusively addresses Logic's scoring tool (aside from that German guy's book that you can download that he wrote for EMagic a-many years ago), I have certainly never heard of anyone else with a course on it, and should MacProVideo choose to offer something like that I would definitely snatch it up in a heartbeat (at 150 bpm).
  • Mozodoy
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    Joined: Nov 15th, 2006
    Re: Tutorial Request: Score Editor
    The book, Advanced Logic Pro 7, by David Dvorin, has a great chapter called Working with Notation. You work along with supplied files from a CD. It's enough to really get you up and running working with the notation/score side of Logic. Now, David Dvorin has written the Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 8 Beyond the Basics, It should be released in early November. Since you've upgraded to Logic 8 you might want to wait for that one. Here's a link. The description mentions notation and I would imagine he would do at least what he did in the Logic 7 version. I don't know if much has changed in Logic 8: Also, if you really need more advanced notation training Johannes Prischle has written the Bible of Logic Notation, in my opinion. I've had his Logic Notation Guide for many years and I refer to it often. It's great. You can really learn to score complex music to print out. He gives you files to work on as you study along with the guide. See: Also, Johannes has always emailed me back when I've had questions and needed support. And...if Steve did do a specific tutorial on notation/scoring I'd consider buying it because it's always helpful to see what other people are doing and how they do it in Logic. But for me I would buy it if it got into some useful advanced applications. Good luck! Beder
  • Linubaa
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    Joined: Sep 15th, 2006
    Re: Tutorial Request: Score Editor
    Hi Beder Thanks for your reply. I have Dvorin's book on Logic 7, and while there is a chapter that touches on scoring, I (like yourself) would pursue a purchase of an online tutorial if one were made available, on the basis of Steve's other in depth tutorials of other aspects and facets of Logic. People in other forums have mentioned that the Score Editor has been updated; in exactly what way I don't know, but regardless, I'm sure things have come a ways since the EMagic days, and a deep course on the current state of the Editor would be as much of an answer to a prayer as many of Logic's new features themselves. (For that matter, I'd love a similar tutorial on Finale, but that's another thing) I have had some problems with note positioning in the Score Editor; sometimes the note value I selected (in the toolbar) is not the one that shows when I click, and those are the kinds of quirks I was referring to above that it would be great to get some tips about. Anyhow I get the impression you'd also find such a tutorial helpful (although it looks like you're more deeply entrenched in the Editor thanks to Prischle's guide), and I'm confident there are others who would like to see it. Thanks again for your helpful and detailed response :-) * solo *
  • steveH
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    Re: Tutorial Request: Score Editor
    I've always wanted to do an in-depth tutorial on the score editor... I wonder if there is enough demand out there to make it worth it? It's definitely needed!
  • Linubaa
    Posts: 28
    Joined: Sep 15th, 2006
    Re: Tutorial Request: Score Editor
    Hi Steve If you do, I'll buy 2! Seriously, I think if you did that you would be a full on rock star because yours would be the only Score Editor video tutorial out there ..... besides the T&T one you already did, which I just found out about. Anyway thanks for responding to my thread, and "baiting the hook" as it were. Hopefully enough others will chime in to make such a project worth while! * solo *
  • Frankymacpro
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    Re: Tutorial Request: Score Editor
    Hi, I would also like further investigations of the score editor! Thanks to Steve and Martin at Macprovideo! Regards, Frank Valet
  • Togugei
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    Re: Tutorial Request: Score Editor
    You can count me in! I'd love to be able to use Logic exclusively. At the moment I find that I need Sibelius to do some of my arranging course work. I find Logic's score editor a bit frightening. I think that is because its based around MIDI, first and foremost. It just doesn't seam very user-friendly to me. Sibelius on the other hand, puts notation before MIDI, and that makes it ridiculously easy to write out music. Of course its a trade-off, and a completely reasonable one really. Horses for courses, isn't it?
  • Xidehoy
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    Re: Tutorial Request: Score Editor
    [quote:4039]I've always wanted to do an in-depth tutorial on the score editor... I wonder if there is enough demand out there to make it worth it? It's definitely needed![/quote] Integrate the tutorial with using Audio to Score (especially tweaking parameters for drums) and I'm in!
  • macnando
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    Joined: Sep 23rd, 2006
    Re: Tutorial Request: Score Editor
    Good idea! I am a Finale user and it would be nice that Logic could work in the same level concerning score edition. Could it be? macnando
  • heimi
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    Joined: Apr 13th, 2007
    Re: Tutorial Request: Score Editor
    Steve....I will buy it! You can count on me. I'm always thinking about if the score editor in Logic is enough or do I need something else like Finale or Sibelius. But the point is: I don't unterstand the score editor in Logic. By the way would it be L7 or L8 score tutorial? Heimi
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