• madness
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    Channelizer midi note off msg / midi note RelVel 64 msg ?
    I would like to say first that , despite i never post anything, the tutorial tnt3 is great ! And i have learn a lot of stuff from all os you guys ! I have an issue cause my midi korg keyboard and my kyborad controller Alessis Q25 does transmit note off midi message ! I would like to know if there is any way i can convert the midi relvel 64 to a midi note off to be able to use the channelizer showed by steve ? I would like to do so to avoid to buy another keyboard ? or maybe changing something that instead to respond to note off msg for changing midi channel it respond to RevVel 64 to change the midi channel ? I hope you understand me ? Sorry for my poor english ! I am not a expert in this stuff and keyboard as i am a guitarist ! Thanks Denis.
  • steveH
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    Re: Channelizer midi note off msg / midi note RelVel 64 msg ?
    Hi Madness! If your notes aren't "sticking" then you must be getting a MIDI off message. A MIDI velocity of 0 is, for all intents and purposes, the same thing... I'm not quite sue what you mean.... I'm going to refer this to our macProVideo MIDI expert: Peter Schwartz... Peter, are you around? :)
  • Peter Schwartz
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    Re: Channelizer midi note off msg / midi note RelVel 64 msg ?
    If your keyboard is transmitting note off messages just fine, but they're what I call "true note off messages". Info: There are two basic types of note off messages: 1) Note On with Velocity = 0 2) Note Off with Release Velocity = (variable). These are "true note off messages". Some keyboards detect how fast or slow you release a key. This is called Release Velocity, and the only way this information can be transmitted is by using true note off messages. However, some keyboards transmit true note off messages even though they can't detect variable release, and in this situation, the release velocity value is fixed (constant) at a value of 64. Now... in Logic, there is a trick that might work. Please try this, and if it doesn't work, post back and I'll suggest something else... [img][/img] 1. Open the Environment window and select the Clicks & Ports layer. Delete the keyboard. Then cable the SUM output of the Physical Input to the Monitor ("input view"). 2. Go to the New menu and create another Monitor and a Transformer, and cable them as shown in the image above. 3. Program the Transformer's top row as you see in the image. For the bottom row, left menu, select "Fix" (not visible in the image). Then -- and this is very important -- select the second set of dashed lines from the menu below "Fix". Again, if this doesn't work, please post back and I'll reply with a different solution.
  • Marco C.
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    Re: Channelizer midi note off msg / midi note RelVel 64 msg ?
    Hi Steve H. & Ski, i've exactly the same problem. My Novation 25SLmkII transmits Note Off with Release Velocity = (variable). This makes it impossible to play Steves Channelizer becuase every Note Release triggers the sound again and again. We have to find a way to transform release velocity in Note-OFF. sincerly Marco
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