• Juno
    Posts: 44
    Joined: Jul 11th, 2008
    Sculpture video, morph envelope
    Just finished re-watching the Sculpture tutorial video. After I've drawn a few lines etc with the morph envelope, I find that the little red dot doesn't always start from the first morph point. It either starts from the center of the pad itself and then goes to the first point or second points. It can also start from the last point or from somewhere within the pad. Though in the timeline below, whenever I press the key it always starts from the beginning of the timeline, unlike the morph display. I noticed with zero Release settings that it always starts from the first point. Does the release setting, the velocity and the rate at which you play the key mean anything here? I now understand the whole synth and how it works, but its just this bit which is bugging me. Thanks
  • GaryHiebner
    Posts: 1434
    Joined: May 6th, 2007
    Re: Sculpture video, morph envelope
    Hi Juno, Afraid I am not too sure about the release, velocity, and rate settings in connection with the Morph envelope. I have tried to look at the Apple Sculpture documentation, but cannot find much details about it. Has anyone else had some experience with this? Any feedback would be great.
  • Hamish H
    Posts: 307
    Joined: May 4th, 2009
    Re: Sculpture video, morph envelope
    Hi Juno I've tried to recreate your issue but can't do it. whatever I try the red dot starts at the first point and follows the path as you'd expect. r.e. release time, if you have no release time individual notes will never overlap, so the red dot will always be visible. From what Steve says it looks like the dot disappears when you have polyphony, i.e. more than 1 note playing at once. So maybe that has something to do with it. As for velocity, you can use velocity to modulate the envelope, but for me it only modulates the speed between morph points, not where the red dot starts. What I don't have is an external controller to see if that affects the dot. Maybe thats got something to do with it. There is a sustain mode called [i]Scan via CtrlB[/i], where according to the manual: 'the time line position within the envelope is disconnected from normal, real-time operation, allowing you to manually scan the overall time range with the MIDI controller assigned to Ctrl B (in the MIDI Controller Assign section).' So i'm wondering: 1. what is the setting you've chosen for Sustain mode? 2. are you using an external controller? 3. are you modulating the envelope and if so what is the source? is it the external controller too? and finally 4. even if the red dot is random does it still sound like how you recorded the morph? Cheers Hamish
  • Hamish H
    Posts: 307
    Joined: May 4th, 2009
    Re: Sculpture video, morph envelope
    and finally finally: 5. do you have the Morph envelope mode set to Env + Pad? The manual says: 'Envelope is running, and the position of the morph ball or X/Y MIDI controllers is used as an offset for any envelope movements.' so in real language maybe that means the position of the morph ball [i]before[/i] you trigger the envelope will change where the morphing starts from. (I say maybe becasue I'm not fluent in Logic Manual) So if you wanted the red dot to start in the same place each time you'd have to manually move the morph ball to that point each time before you started playing. I'll try again later but let me know if that helps H
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