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by: joealbano
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  • Student478415
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    De-Clicking DI Guitars with RX Elements 7 (2021)?
    I tried asking about my questions on a forum from Yahoo!. But nobody was able to answer my concerns. So, I'll copy and paste my message here instead. And please, if you're going to assist me, don't make your answers too complicated. I want to know a few things, that's all. Not a vast history lesson. All right, I own RX Elements 7, the program that can de-click, de-clip, de-noise and de-hum, which I purchased in 2020. I also run the software on Windows 10. My primary concern is, will the audio containing DI guitars be safe if I only used the "de-click" tool with stats showing an "algorithm" that registers as "multi-band (random clicks)", with the "sensitivity" set at 1.0, then "frequency skew" at 1.0 and finally, the "click widening" also set as 1.0? You know, without having to use the "de-noise" option. And the reason why I'm asking about that particular part is that the audio itself that contains the DI guitars aren't noisy at all. And when I say "DI guitars", I'm also referring to "bass" as well. I should mention that I am not a professional engineer. I am, however, a vocalist that hires musicians as needed. And they're the ones who create instrumentals for me. Now, I should also mention that this is for metal music. Let's say that I did de-click the DI guitars only, would that present "artefacts" into the recorded audio, based on the settings I mentioned above? And would it harm the audio as well? Another reason for me asking all of this is because, well, if the guitars are being processed through an amp simulator, how would the resulting sound be in a professionally-mastered track, in which the audio of the DI guitars had been de-clicked beforehand, then would the finalized version of the song, show these changes? Here's a screenshot of what I put together: Thanks.
  • Joe A
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    Re: De-Clicking DI Guitars with RX Elements 7 (2021)?
    Hi - Well, the not-too-complicated answer to your question is "it depends on the specific audiofile". Do your guitar recordings in fact have noticeable random clicks in them? I'm a little confused when you say "the audio itself that contains the DI guitars aren't noisy at all"..? If there *are* audible clicks in your guitar recording[s], try the default settings first and adjust if necessary, based on what you hear. If there *aren't*, then do nothing [if it ain't broke don't fix it]. As far as specific settings, again, it depends on the particular audiofile, there's no way to advise you on that without trying it out on the same file. This kind of processing is not like EQ or compression, where you can suggest certain general settings -- the correct settings are completely dependent on the source material. In general, I've found that with most of the audio repair modules RX's default settings tend to work well on typical examples of the kind of problem they're expecting, but every file is different. As far as artifacts, *all* audio repair functions have the potential to introduce artifacts if overused. If there are only clicks in certain parts of an audiofile, better to apply the processing only on those parts, and use the minimum degree of processing required to solve the problem. I've linked the thread to a course on RX [above] -- it's on the full version of RX8 [the most recent version of RX] but I'd assume the click tools would be the same as [or similar enough to] what's in RX7 Elements. One of the videos [#7] goes over the De-click modules -- maybe it'll be of some help..
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