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    teaching us Pro Tool people to speak logic
    A few comments and questions I really love what Mac pro Video has to offer. Martin,I think you, Steve H and the others do a really great job teaching stuff In quick way that is easy to get and I find classes quickly soften the learning curve Digestion process. I only wish you'd teach me now how to have more than 24 hours in a day so I could have time to learn more. about mid way through this long conversion process from Pro tools to Logic I have noticed a lot of poster here and elsewhere on other audio groups websites (even you tube with sf logic ninja) with Ex pro tools users trying to get up to speed on Logic. there's a lot of talk going on now about Logic! I would love to see mac pro video do a 'switchers class' for those embracing logic from a former pr tools back ground. I think it would be a very popular class. I know you've made these types of classes for pc users to mac, as well as GarageBand to Logic and I think it's a great idea. I'm scrounging at all the logic sites to gather up info on Logic workflow for audio (for things like drum (real drums) editing) and would love to just buy one of your classes! I'd be like teaching us PT people to speak logic 8 for those of us with pro tools accents! (on a side not, I am an american, and my wife is a Kiwi (New Zealander) and after almost 10 years of marriage, I'll still hear a word or expression I haven't heard before and I'll have to stop and ask what that means and we have a fun little talk about slang. And she's right -it makes no sense that the American Dime is smaller than a Nickel and yet worth more and there really is a 'H' in front of 'herbs' that I always seem to miss pronouncing.) If you did this class, could you get a pro tools Jedi to teach the class and explain just how they would use logic as there new DAW of choice. I think you'd cook up a lot of interest in this, as there seems to be a big shift going to logic now. it would be important that they show how they did it (key commands and all) in PT and what they do now in logic (even if it's making new custom key commands to recreate certain 'moves' ) I have used pro tools to supply my bread and butter for over 7 years and am pretty familiar with it at this point and its uses . but I only have so much time to learn a new system of thinking and it is a big fight going on with me whether to stay with what I know and work in pro tools or take the time to stop work and learn Logic in and out. I want Logic to win to be honest right now. the whole package seems so good with price point, and hardware options being open to the user to decide. I love wave burner. It's just a great package I think. and I really want to use it more for composing for video music beds. I think it's great for that. I do feel that most all of the Logic classes from mac pro videos are geared best for and come from the angle of creating techno, house and drum machine driven music-as if all the writers are keyboard players or DJ's or programers. Which is great, I'm sure it really helps them, but I'm none of the above, and while I understand that Logic first made a name for itself a sequencing platform with great sounds, has amazing midi options ect......., as It grows i'd love to see mac pro have a few classes for using logic in an approach suited more for live recordings of standard rock,pop bands, drums editing ect. I see a LOT of pro tools stuff for recording bands, and would love to see logic used in this way. almost all of the music I tend to work on is live recoding for broadcast ,and post audio for music recorded live on a sound stage or concert environment. I always use pro tools at work to record these large (48 inputs at once) input sessions, but have been taking them home to my Logic rig and I want to be able to mix it all in logic - with the idea that one day I could do all in Logic. however either Im missing a lot of info about mixing (defiantly a possibility, as I mix fast and have been using PT for 6 years like this) or mixing just seems to take a whole lot longer in logic. lets see some templates that are downloadable with the class from guys who do this already ! A few examples of what I want to learn to do in Logic from a Pro Tools workflow: playlists: I need to be able to load in 48 tracks, then I want to make a safety playlist of all 48 tracks before I start editing cuts, as a back door safety net. in PT it's like 2 commands, Select all and create playlist. latter I'll want playlists of all my toms/snares should I need to hand gate the hits with a strip silence command. Sound replacement: i need to quickly sound replace - and I'd love to do it via MID triggers so I could audition tones and fire several samples off a hit transient and not have just 'Aggripa' replacing a hit with just one sample. multiple samples would be such a help. automation editing: In pro tools automation seems a lot faster and simpler. logics 'bullet point' system seems to slow. in PT if I have 4 lines and I want only the odd lines down 5 db., and the even lines up at unity, I'd first make sure there all at unity, drop my fader to -5, Then 'write automation to that value on that line, then skip to line 4 and do the same. on a smaller PT LE rig where the automation is not a sophisticated, I'd use F6 within the automation view to pull that line down. unlinked stereo compression: I don;t want my master compressor linked L&R. do I have to buss out to 2 mono outs to add a mono compressor then back to a master buss. and how does this work with mults? I don;t see a split stereo compressor option tab to transient: I know it's not like PT (yet), but I believe using the marque tool there is a method for this. if this all can be done, let's have a class on how to do it. I'm lazy and don't have time to figure it all out myself, but your a great communicator and can get guys to teach us all. Thanks and have a great day! Amerikiwi
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