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    Those of you who write notation and tablature and need or have a
    I find the Logic Score Editor series of videos very helpful but as with most of the training I see on this site, there is absolutely no [i]workflow[/i] training that incorporates notation software with our favorite DAWs. Here's what I sent to MacProVideo support (they suggested I repeat my lengthy note here). I hope someone out there has some workflow ideas, or this will spark enough interest among the trainers to look seriously at the lack of connection among: Notation software, DAWs, and how best to use 3rd party plugins both within notation software and within DAWs. Just yesterday I noticed that Presonus is associating themselves not only with Melodyne, but now they are also incorporating Notion 4 (how, I am not yet sure). Here's the windy part: I'd like to suggest a powerful notation and tablature application called Notion, now version 4, only because it is easier to work in than Sibelius and Finale for rock music (my focus for now). While it isn't as good as Guitar Pro 6 for getting notes and (unfortunately, non-exportable) articulation of guitar solos in quickly when writing either with the mouse or keyboard, GP6 is too proprietary, although they do export MUSICXML, which may or may not contain the subtleties that most definitely do not make it to Logic 9 or X [i](via what I think is an antique format since I worked with it in the '80s!)[/i] [b]MIDI[/b], which is a truly frustrating shame. In fact GP6 is so mangled when imported via MIDI into Logic that it's so time wasting to fix—so much so that I have been trying to write in Logic Score Editor and (yuck) Piano Roll. For example, time signature changes and key changes disappear, as do triplets (they become individual notes that create a measure that is overcrowded with mistaken interpretation…). As an alternative, I would like to see an in-depth explanation of how to write guitar notation/tab articulation directly in Logic Pro 9 and Logic X. As a non-player who needs to be able to use plugins as software instruments as well as master my projects in a DAW that seems to be one of the more popular on the Mac (correct me if I am wrong), I find myself becoming extremely frustrated getting anything in MIDI format from GP6 (eighth note triplets become eighth notes in Logic 9, any hint of a tempo change disappears, as do all articulations and "subtle" things such as changes in key and time signatures (think "Blue Rondo a la Turk" by Dave Brubeck which alternates back and forth from 9/8 to 4/4 time throughout the piece). For some reason I cannot comprehend, Apple has not embraced the MusicXML import/export feature found in any notation program. I have Sibelius 7---steep learning curve, Finale, for which MacProVideo has no courses available at all. If any of you want to recommend another DAW that allows me to write notation and tablature for 4-12 stringed instruments without feeling like it will take a month to finish one piece, please advise. I would also like to know if there is any advice for using 32 bit plugins (IK Multimedia, Antares, Melodyne, the latter apparently made obsolete by X, but if I work in Logic 9 it requires either dumbing it down to 32 bit or dealing with the 32bit bridge that pops up, neither of which allows for confidence. JBridge may solve some of this, but it is not exactly a plug and play solution, especially since the result is a VST wrapped up to 64bit, and useless where AUs are apparently the only plugins that Apple is willing to admit exist. :—( FINALLY, may I suggest a workflow course that traverses the process of writing a score (rock is fine) that will import well enough into Logic 9/X cleanly? There must be a whole set of chapters left out of all my manuals that explain this sort of idea. Kontakt® is great. Logic® is great. Is anyone else interested in a course explaining best how to utilize Kontakt® ([i]especially automating 3rd party software from [b][i]8DIO[/i][/b] and [b][i]VIR2[/i][/b], neither of which is a straightforward Library recognized by Kontakt, but written for it despite the lack of the library format written by NI[/i] in Logic 9 or X?? General idea: develop an intensive course that gets the learner from writing in the best exportable program into Logic or the best receptive DAW for mastering. Notion makes a poor stab at mixing, crashing often and ignoring anything in 32bit. If I need to really get into Sibelius or Notion-to-Studio One via Rewire and it will support all my needs, please inform me that it will do the whole job. My brain hurts from one simple conceptual leap that I can find absolutely no reference to, even on YouTube. I really need help...Is anyone interested in relieving my poor brain's swelling from the months long quest for answers? THINK KARMA!
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