• Tozyboy
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    LP8 with Multi-Timbral & Multi-Output VI's Tutorials ?
    Hi, Are there any LP8 tutorials that show how to, and the best way to work with Multi-Timbral and Multi-Output Virtual Instruments such as Native Instruments Kontakt, and how to deal with automating volume and pan indepently for each midi part, since LP8 handles this a bit different than other DAWS ? If this is not yet covered in the tutorials, it would be a great tutorial to have, since many LP8 users work with VI samplers, such as Kontakt 2/3, Stylus RMX, and many other Multi-Timbral and Multi Output VI's. Thanks.
  • mPV Support
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    Re: LP8 with Multi-Timbral & Multi-Output VI's Tutorial
    Martin covers multi-output inst in the Logic 8 tutorials using Ultrabeat. It is the same process for 3rd party plugins. [url][/url] Here's how to use multi-timbral inst : 1- Go to the environment (audio layer in LP7 or mixer layer in LP 8) 2-Create a multi instrument (local menu-new-multi instrument). Rename it to a useful name : "Stylus RMX" for example. Click on each of the 8 first midi channels of the Multi Instrument object to make them active. 3-Connect the multi instrument to the correct instrument audio object (the environment channel mixer with your inst plugin) Logic will ask you if you want to remove the channel port setting. Click on remove. 4-The midi channel of the instrument audio object should be set to "all" in the parameters box. 5-In the arrange window, create a new track. Select the proper midi channel of the multi instrument. Seems complicated at first, but you'll get the hang of it. Don't forget you can save it as a template if you use it often.
  • Tozyboy
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    Re: LP8 with Multi-Timbral & Multi-Output VI's Tutorial
    Hi Christian, Thanks for the info., I'm not sure if Kontakt 2/3 are handled in the same fashion as Ultrabeat or Stylus RMX,, but many users seem to have issues when applying volume and pan automation to Kontakt 2/3, independently for each midi part. (midi parts 1 Ch1, Part 2 Ch2, ... Part 16 Ch 16). According to what I have read, is that when you apply volume or pan automation to one part of the multi-inst., it affects the entire 16 parts together, so all parts are automated, instead of the one part (i.e part 1, Ch1), one solution is assign seperate aux outs for each instrument part of Kontakt and then automate Aux's volume and pan. What are the other options to do this without using Aux outs ? Thanks.
  • Jycyxyo
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    Re: LP8 with Multi-Timbral & Multi-Output VI'...
    Hi, It's been a while since this post but am struggling with the same issue though have got some way to maybe solving it. Am still using Logic 8 (yes, I know!) and Stylus RMX. I followed Martin's instructions from Logic101 and it works, but up to a point. The two issues are: When I instantiate Stylus RMX, 8x multi-timbral, in Logic 8 eight parts come up on the screen with their own midi channels 1-8. So far so good. In the mixer on the '+' button I can indeed add Stylus 3-4, 5-6 etc. These also correspond to the 'B' and 'C' outputs in Stylus and so forth. No problem there. The two frustrations are these: 1. Let's say I've programmed a cool loop up with the kick playing on Midi channel 8, and the hats on Midi channel 3. If I want those to be separately fxed/processed in Logic, I can, say, assign the kick to Logic's Aux 7-8 channel, and the hats to Aux Logic's 5-6 channel. Soloed they play separately, so all is fine. BUT when I unsolo the kick and/or the hats, and the whole loop plays, the kick and the hats are also still present in the 'main' stereo out channel strip for Stylus, as well as on 3-4 and 5-6 - in other words, even if I mute 3-4 and or 5-6, the hats and the kick are still playing in the stereo mix - albeit softer. 2 If I add fx to the kick or the hats in Stylus using one of the 4 aux fx channels in Stylus, when they are separated to the Logic Aux channels, the Stylus fx are no longer present. Is this normal? Thanks for any help anybody can give! Adrian
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