• lib
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    Joined: Sep 18th, 2007
    why does my mix sound totally different eleswhere?????
    ok im having a real problem to understand why im having this problem. once iv finished my recordings in logic and im ready to do some mixing and mastering i roughly bounce my song and burn it on cd to have a listen on my stereo. when i sit back to listen my ears are listening to something really different. the guitars sound very tinny, the drums sound to loud, the bass has a totally different sound, its more wolly and muffled. its like my little 5 year old cousin played around with it. the question i ask, is my monitors too good or not good at all? am i doing something wrong when im bouncing, am i doing something wrong when i burn my cd. or is it something else. in my recording i have added a bit of eq on my recordings and compression but its only a little bit. just to add a bit of sparkle. im listening back in logic and sounds really good. i know the snare is a bit loud or the bass could come down but thats the process i understand. thats why i did a bounce and burnt it on cd so i could see what volume adjustments i need to make. but im not at that stage. i have a mac g5 2ghz logic pro 8 (the latest update) toast burning programme event 20/20 monitors motu 896hd sound card iv spoken to a few people and some say u need some cheap nearfield monitors, or i need new monitors as my events 20/20 are not giving me a true reflection of my song. if thats the case, when im listening to itunes through my monitors they sound perfect. or do i need to do something in logic (like tick a box which im hoping) the bounce process i do is online, no compressing or dithering. sorry for writing a long message but i really could do with some help on this.
  • Cajypiu
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    Re: why does my mix sound totally different eleswhere?????
    Do you have any sound treatment in your room.. or specifically, targeting your listening position? This can make a massive difference. Have you tried auditioning your mixes on something like some iPod headphones? How does that sound compared to other commercial mixes? When you bounce your music, what are you bouncing from and to what final format? I.e. 24 bit to 16 bit without any dither? Tell us more about your setup...
  • Daniel H
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    Re: why does my mix sound totally different eleswhere?????
    Hey Lib, Through my years of engineering and mixing I've discovered that there's nothing you can do to have a totally "accurate" setup. Because your audience will listen on a variety of speakers. The best advice I can give is to just continue on doing what you're doing. In other words "learn" your speakers and your setup. Learn what shape and sound your setup gives to your recordings compared to a car stereo and other speaker setups you have available. Learn these intricacies and mix to make the music sound good on speakers that everyday people use. Even if it doesn't sound quite right on your studio monitors. Good luck!
  • YupYup
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    Re: why does my mix sound totally different eleswhere?????
    Hi Daniel I'm new to Logic, but I had this same problem in other software. Is it possible that you are "monitoring" from one output, but bouncing from another. I see that Logic has a "headphone" output in the mixer, which I will assume that you can adjust the headphone mix without interfering with the main mix. so, is it possible that you are listening/monitoring through the headphone mix which may sound great, but bouncing from the main mix which sounds less than great?
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