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    Hi Guys, i am working now as an audio teacher and live sound tech in Germany, and my students are using a lot of macProVideo tutorials. After a while of using your services i came to a conclusion that some things should be covered and expanded from your side ASAP and they are as follow: 1. A lot of young people nowadays are starting with audio without any basics or clue about electricity and what it is and i think this is very important in audio. An tutorial about matching impendance, electricity circles, how to solder, how to repair some basic audio hardware, exchange resistors, repair all sorts of cables, repair microphones and stuff like this, guerilla audio sort of things, balanced unbalanced connections, loudness and db in conjuction with electricity power, all sorts of hardware in and outs - why, how and where to use them and so on... 2. the first item is also connected with live sound a lot, so why not to make an live sound tutorial, and include some stuff from the first item. As i started to do live sound few years ago i was thrown inside the machine as an young audio diplomant and freshman and it was a terrible nightmare for me, as a schooled audio engineer i could not apply much of my theory and studio work in live sound situations i was dealing with.This is a huge topic for itself, i think you miss it big here, many of young audio guys want to do and learn live sound but don't know from where to is again all about electricity, power and routing in and out, basically anybody can mix some levels live after the stage is set up, routing done and everything is programmed on the console but to prepare the set up, the stage and both, hardware and software- is a long way from here to to adjust speakers, line arrays, how to match amps with loudspeakers, how loud it should be, how to mix at great loudness, how to cancel low frequencies on the stage, how to separate subs and do them separately, and so on, how to calculate things and how to react properly in exausting exclusive, extended and detailed live tutorial from little bars, small venues, mid size halls to big stadiums is needed. 3. today, everybody is using behringer x32 console, it is affordable,it is good and you can do some serious professional work with it, but unfortunately most of the tutorials are crap, undetailed, even the behringer manual, so superficial-it is a shame. most important things are not covered at all, advanced routing, different stage monitoring, different set up combinations, possible problems, mixing tricks and tips, and so on...i think behringer would be grateful too if you would do an complete DETAILED in and out of this wonderful console, it already became folk's standard. 4. Reaper and Studio One 3 DAW , you are missing here too..two of the greatest and growing DAWs are not covered in details, you have only two very basic tutorials. As you have done detailed work with Logic and Cubase( im still missing here a lot, where is Nuendo?) please do it with Reaper and Studio One 3 too. People of the world would be so gratefull if you would be expanding on this 4 items. Thnx guys!! Love and Peace
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