• FCP and Adobe Flash
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    export as FLV
    Final Cut Pro is built on the QuickTime architecture. So let me get this right. Final Cut 4 and 5 supported export as .FLV. I finally got out from under all my video editing deadlines at the same time (never upgrade in the middle of a project) and had the chance to upgrade to Final Cut Studio 2 and saw that Export --> Using QuickTime Conversion no longer included .FLV as on option in the Format list in Final Cut 6. I get that Adobe wants to promote Premiere -- perhaps, apparently, at the expense of Final Cut. But so, a bunch of different Adobe support files (e.g. have this language: "About Flash Video Exporter (QuickTime Export plug-in): If you have Adobe Flash CS3 Professional and QuickTime 6.1.1 or later installed on your computer, you can use the Adobe Flash Video Exporter (QuickTime Export plug-in) to export FLV files from supported video-editing applications. You can then import these FLV files directly into Flash to use in your Flash documents. The QuickTime Export plug-in is installed by the Flash Video Encoder installer. "The following video-editing applications are supported by the QuickTime Export plug-in: -Adobe After Effects CS2 and later versions (Windows and Mac) -Apple Final Cut Pro (Macintosh) -Apple QuickTime Pro (Windows and Macintosh) -Avid Xpress DV (Windows and Macintosh) "Exporting FLV files from either Flash Video Encoder or video-editing applications using the QuickTime Export plug-in significantly streamlines the workflow in using FLV files in your Flash documents. With the QuickTime Export plug-in, you can select encoding options for video and audio content as you export, including frame rate, bit rate, quality, and other options. You can import FLV files directly into Flash without needing to re-encode the video after you import them." Where is this magical plug-in? I'm starting to get the feeling it no longer exists...
  • Rounik Admin
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    Re: export as FLV
    Hi FCP and Adobe Flash, Welcome to the forums! Apparently the About Flash Video Exporter comes bundled with Adobe Flash CS3 Professional. Here are a few other apps that convert to flv: [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] Cheers Rounik
  • Hisham
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    Re: export as FLV
    Hi there I do use the FLASH video encoder to convert QT to FLV. The Flash encoder comes bundled with FLASH and you should install it when you are installing your SW (of course only if you need it). But you can also download FLV encoder from different sites on the web. Just google FLV encoder and you'll get a list. I can't recommend any specific ones, as I use the Adobe one directly. Hope that helps. Hisham
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