• blakeloud
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    Importing Problems (match audio sample rates...)
    Hello all, I am attempting to import DV in to FCP 6.0.5 for the first time and have had quite the morning of issues. First of all, I am using the DV NTSC 48kHz codec, but I'm wondering if I should be using a PAL codec instead. I'm just trying to make some simple edits to a mini-DV tape recorded on a Sony handycam (DCR-TRV33 NTSC...does that answer my first question too? When I try to "log and capture", a new window comes up and everything seems to be going Ok, but then a warning pops up that says that my audio sample rate doesn't match the rate from my source. Do I click "Yes" when it asks me to "Change sequence to match the clip settings?" A simple step-by-step would be amazing, and I promise I'll buy a tutorial if I can at least import and edit a single scene first. Any tutorial suggestions or free advice to get me started will be greatly appreciated. Cheers! b !oud
  • Rounik Admin
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    Re: Importing Problems (match audio sample rates...)
    Hi Blakeloud, It sounds like the audio sample rate of the media (from your camera) is 32K (12bit). As you are using the default sample rate of DV NTSC 48K (16bit) the two don't match. This means you're liable to get sync issues... In the future change the camera's audio sample rate to 48Khz, 16bit.... For now you need to create a new capture setting to get everything to sync up: - Final Cut Pro > Audio/Video Settings - Select the "Capture Presets" tab - Duplicate the DV NTSC 48 kHz preset - In the Edit... window for the duplicated capture preset, Rename the duplicate to DV NTSC 32 kHz and change the audio format to 32,000 khz 16 bit. - Click OK. When capturing 48khz (standard professional sample rate) switch the capture preset back to the 48Khz. btw, use NTSC if you're in USA and PAL if in Europe (general rule of thumb). The following tutorials may help you out: [url][/url][url]http://[/url] [url][/url] Let me know if this works for you :) Cheers Rounik
  • Cajypiu
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    Re: Importing Problems (match audio sample rates...)
    Hi Blake, just to add to what Rounik wrote. It sounds like your camera might be a NTSC version only so you're right, you did answer your own question! The other thing that will set you in good stead, and that's where the Macprovideos can come in, is understanding some of the video theory behind what makes up video footage. Frame rates, resolutions, sample rates and the differences between the formats/ codecs. That will help you to understand what Final Cut thinks it is doing (especially what the browser window tells you)... and in turn what to set your camera to BEFORE filming.... rather than having to deal with what you have AFTER :) Proactive not reactive as they say. Generally though yes, if you try and drag some footage in to an empty sequence and the settings don't match, it is advisable to click 'yes' when Final Cut prompts you to change the settings. Cheers, j
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