• deborah
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    Unable to export in FCPX error code 108
    I have a very complex project/timeline in FCPX ready for next to final export, and after trying many times, ultimately I cannot export as a master file. I have exported this same timeline as drafts for review a couple of times, so I know it can be done, but when I added the final items such as effects, many connected clips and so forth, no go. I used up all my bag of tricks (this has happened before, I thought the problem was related to retiming but I have 10.0.9 now), including deleting project render files, replacing the apparently troublesome clip. I was forced to implement the final solution, which was just to take a 42-minute screenshot of the movie playing in FCP. Not good, but that will be all I can get. Unless I want to unravel the entire thing and import fresh new clips. There are 100's of them, not doable in to meet deadline, and worse I do not speak Spanish so I would have to get the translators back and that was hard enough the first time. This is a 42-min Spanish/English movie, and my approx 75 compound clips have an English translation track, and a clean Spanish track, plus the silhouetted video clip of the informants. I have about 10 minutes of multi-clip. I have a few retimed clips. The error code is 108. I even moved my RAID which contained the entire 2-year project to try the export using my older Mac Pro with 8 processors and 32GRam and 3.2mghz with SSD drive, still stops at frame 12194, which it does on my iMac 2012 with SSD drive, 3.7 i7processor and 32G RAM. I am able to export up to that point, I isolated the so called problem clip and I redid it with no benefit (but did change the frame at which it stops to a few before). I tried to export the movie past that frame point, but then it just picks another frame point to let me know the export failed, error 108. This makes me feel the problem is actually not a clip issue, but something else outside of my knowledge. I feel like my machines have the punch to push the project. I am thinking one problem may be that I used mp3 audio clips supplied by the translators for one of the informants, though I asked them for full resolution. I had to take what I got. So I have at least two different audio formats. I had this happen to a much less complicated movie over the summer, but then I just trashed the project render files and it exported fine, albeit a bit slower. I thought the retimed fix in 10.0.9 would solve the problem, not the case. So I am out of ideas, but I also know this will be a persistent problem so I should solve it asap. Luckily this project is a favor for a local pastor so I can get away with the 42-min screenshot. However that will not fly for a paying client. And yes I repaired permissions, deleted pref files, which by the way, rarely works anyway in my experience but leave nothing undone. Any ideas? Sorry for the long explanation, I know others are having similar problems so I hope this may be helpful to all. And to the ones that do not have problems with export, what is your secret?!
  • BenB
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    Re: Unable to export in FCPX error code 108
    Yes Deborah, this is a nagging bug in 10.0.9 somewhere. Let me verified that when you say you trashed pref files, you used the app "Preference Manager" and did not do it manually. A few other things to try: Delete all render files, then duplicate the project. Export all .mp3 files as 48kHz, 16-bit, AIFF files, import those, and replace all the .mp3 files. Only once have I encountered someone who had to actually re-install FCPX.
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