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  • MWB
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    Joined: Sep 25th, 2010
    iMovie seems to FREEZE while continue playing added audio.
    Lots of hard drive, memory, etc. I notice that when I move my cursor over clips past a nondescript point I have something like a "Freeze Frame". The video quits playing and freezes on the last frame from what I think is a transition. I move the cursor over other clips and see the frozen frame. Added audio continues to play but not from the clip. Anyone know why? When I play the movie it freezes on the same frame or transition.
  • Rounik Admin
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    Re: iMovie seems to FREEZE while c...
    Hi MWB & welcome to the macProVideo forums. Can you list your exact spec: iMac, ram, speed, OSX version and iMovie version. Also what format/codec of video have you imported into iMovie? Do you following any maintenance procedures to keep your Mac humming along nicely? e.g. [url][/url] Cheers Rounik
  • Student452224
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    Joined: Dec 11th, 2019
    Re: iMovie seems to FREEZE while continue playing added audio.
    I’m having this exact same problem; I used iMovie to record a video using the camera on my MacBook Pro (it’s a brand new Mac book pro, hardly any memory used yet). Yesterday when I did another video it worked fine, today I recorded a new video and the new imported video appears to “freeze” on one frame while the audio continues, just on one section in the middle. This is my only recording of a very special announcement so I can’t just record the video again! Any way I can fix it so the visual plays too?
  • Joe A
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    Joined: Oct 1st, 2013
    Re: iMovie seems to FREEZE while continue playing added audio.
    Hi - Unfortunately, it sounds like that particular video file may be corrupted, but I can suggest a few troubleshooting steps to try to determine if it's an issue with the file or with the hardware/software.. First off, echoing Rounik's response to the original poster, how much RAM is installed (>8GB would be better), and what iMovie & OX versions are running—if it's a brand new MacBook did it come with Catalina (10.15)? Catalina users have reported all sorts of issues with audio and video applications (even with Apple software like Logic), so it could be growing pains.. Apple's troubleshooting checklist includes a number of standard steps, but you might want to try some of the tests below before doing any reinstalling (but definitely do a hard shutdown/restart first if you haven't already). As to a possible issue with the file itself.. - Try bringing the problem file into a new project for test playback—sometimes a file may be fine but the project gets corrupted.. - Can you record/playback additional videos without problems? IOW, is the problem specific to that one video file (more likely file corruption) or now that it's happened once does it occur in other video recordings (more likely a sw/hw issue)? - Can you see the rest of the video file (after the place it freezes) in the timeline? If you stop and cue up after that spot, does the video play ok from later in the file (suggests corruption at that spot in the file)? - If you can play the later video by manually skipping past the place it freezes, can you edit out that section and achieve smooth playback? - Is there any effect or transition at or near that spot (in any video or audio track)? If so, try removing them and see if the video plays smoothly through the problem spot - Can you share/export the file as a QT movie? If so, does it play through the problem spot (more likely an issue with iMovie) or does it freeze at that spot in the exported .mov file as well (more likely file corruption)? Apple's suggestions are also worth trying, particularly testing with a new library/project, testing in a new (temporary test) User space, and if all else fails, reinstalling iMovie. If nothing works, and if you can't duplicate the problem with any other video recordings, unfortunately that might point to file corruption. If that turns out to be the case hopefully you can salvage most of the video by editing/exporting the sections that do play properly and piecing together a version that excludes the problem area(s). Since I don't know what your level of expertise is, I'm including a link (above) to a basic iMovie course, in case you might want to consult it for help in editing/exporting video as part of your troubleshooting..
  • ErinBassett
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    Re: iMovie seems to FREEZE while continue playing added audio.
    I keep having this problem with any video that's over 15 mins or so that is recorded with iMovie. I've had it happen 3 or 4 times now so I assume it's a hardware or software issue since videos shot outside of iMovie have no problems. I'm running a MacBook Pro, 2.3GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 with 16Gb 2667 MHz DDr4 memory. For graphics it's a AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4 GB Intel UHD Graphics 631536MB. I'm using Big Sur 11.1, iMovie is version 10.2.2. I'm going to try uninstall/reinstall, but do you have any other ideas if that doesn't work?
  • Joe A
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    Joined: Oct 1st, 2013
    Re: iMovie seems to FREEZE while continue playing added audio.
    I assume you tried some of the troubleshooting suggestions in the previous post.. If it's only movies recorded in iMovie, they could be getting corrupted in recording. I guess you could trash the iMovie Preferences (make a backup first); if it persists, then a reinstall/upgrade of iMovie. One thing that jumped out in your spec is Big Sur. That's a brand-new OS, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear there are still issues at this point with video/audio applications. If you have the most recent OS, I guess you'd want to make sure the version of iMovie is also the most recent -- or at least one that's specifically tuned for Big Sur (though I'd make a current backup just in case). Did this issue predate your update to Big Sur? If not, that that's where I'd probably point the finger.. A more general issue might be not enough free space on the startup disk and/or the disk that's used to play the video (the startup disk should have 20% free at all times). To test if the problem is specific to recording or playback in iMovie you could try playing the problem videos in Final Cut Pro (there's a 90-day demo available), and/or recording longer videos in FCP and then playing them back both in FCP and in iMovie..
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