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by: kevinmcAuliffe
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  • Student489738
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    Joined: Dec 22nd, 2021
    How To increase My Skills ?
    i took like 3 courses for adobe premiere pro and i wana work with it but i really dont know how to start that i need to practice more but i dk how also so any ideas ?
  • Joe A
    Posts: 1834
    Joined: Oct 1st, 2013
    Re: How To increase My Skills ?
    Hi - Well, I guess there are a couple of ways you could approach getting experience with a new application.. You could jump in the deep end and try creating a project on your own, or you could spend time practicing along with video courses to get some hands-on experience first before trying it on your own. Both can be good ways to go, depending on individual preference -- jumping in on your own is a great way to learn by doing in context, but having to constantly stop and look up how to do this or that can be frustrating for some people; practicing the most common activities while working your way step-by-step through a Premiere course might be a bit more tedious at first, but when you do finally sit down to try a real project you'd have already had some hands-on experience with at least some of the editing/processing that will likely come up, and the workflow should be smoother.. Assuming you have access to Premiere Pro, I guess with ether approach you could start off simply, recording some short videos with your phone or even right from the camera in the computer, and then either practicing edits following a course video-by-video or setting out a [reasonable] goal and jumping into your own simple practice project [don't jump in the deep end with overly complex or advanced edits or effects at first].. Here's a link to several basic Premiere Pro courses. You could start going through the introductory course, setting up your system and importing your video as per the course, performing basic edits as demonstrated, gradually moving on to more advanced activities, and eventually more advanced courses...or if you're inclined to try your own project you could use the course topics as guidelines for a project plan to gradually build up hands-on experience at common editing activities and techniques.. I'm an audio guy myself [and not a Premiere user], but if I thought I could get through a lot of the basic setup and common editing without having to constantly stop and look things up, I might lean to the jump-in-to-my-own-project approach -- however if I was really new to that kind of editing and application I might feel I needed to practice more before that.. I'm sure you'll figure out the best approach for you based on where you're at with Premiere at this point. Either way, I'm sure that even if it may feel a bit frustrating at first you'll start getting the hang of it in short order once you get your hands on Premiere and start working..
  • speakerz
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    Re: How To increase My Skills ?
    Of course, you need to find some course first(even a free one). But most important is the practice and real projects that will give you the experience.
  • Viewsyt
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    Re: How To increase My Skills ?
    To increase your skills, read about your topic on Google and YouTube. You can gain expertise with the help of reading and practice. Practice makes a man perfect.
  • Joe A
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    Joined: Oct 1st, 2013
    Re: How To increase My Skills ?
    Yes, video tutorials are a good way to get a better understanding of how various features of a program work [over & above the dry text in the manual] -- seeing how something is done can be much more helpful than just reading about it [and many manuals are more references than how-tos anyway], but ultimately, once someone's read the manual and watched some good video tutorials, they'll need to sit down with the software and actually apply what they've seen/learned to build up the necessary skills and efficiency. That'll always lead to more questions and new ideas, and hopefully more advanced video tutorials can then answer some of those and help the user get to the next level. It's a back & forth process -- read/watch/learn, practice, watch/learn, practice, etc..
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