Logic 207
Logic's Latency Toolbox
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Timing Is Everything! In this amazing tutorial Tom Rice shows you the secret to making your tracks "dead-on-the-beat" accurate with absolutely zero latency!
Tom Rice is successful composer, performer and Logic Pro expert living and working in Sydney, Australia.
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Have you ever listened to one of those amazing tracks where every instrument seems to really lock into the groove? It's truly audio magic when tracks are really tight! In this tutorial, Logic latency guru Tom Rice shows you how your tracks can achieve that incredibly awesome, locked-in sound!

You see, there's a lot more to perfect timing than simply hitting the "Q" button to quantize everything. That's because inherent in every native Logic Studio system there are going to be all kinds of latencies in the analog and digital domains:

• Roundtrip latency
• Recording delay latency
• Midi IO latency
• External MIDI hardware latency
• External MIDI software latency ... and more!

What most producers don't know is that Logic has all the built in tools you'll ever need to compensate for all these latencies so you can be assured that your recordings are metronomically bulletproof!

In this step-by-step masterpiece you will become the master of all Logic's latency combating settings and preferences. You'll learn how to calculate and compensate for the built-in latency inherent in every audio interface. You'll see how to test for and eliminate the timing mysteries of external and internal MIDI instruments to make sure that they "sound" exactly on-the-grid, every time!

Bonus: Tom has created custom Logic project files that are designed to help you on your zero latency crusade! To download these files, Login to your macProVideo.com account above, and the download links will appear at the top of this page.

So if you believe that Timing is Everything, don't hesitate to check out this incredible tutorial, Logic's Latency Toolbox!
Section 1: Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Section 2: Let's Talk About Latency
Section 3: Section 3: Understanding Digital Audio Latency
Section 4: Section 4: Setting up Your Digital Audio System
Section 5: Section 5: Calibrating Your Digital Audio System
Section 6: Section 6: Understanding MIDI Latency
Section 7: Section 7: Setting up Your MIDI System
Section 8: Section 8: Calibrating Your MIDI System
Section 9: Section 9: Final Template
Section 10: Section 10: Understanding Plug-in Latency
Section 11: Section 11: Managing Plug-in Latency On Playback
Section 12: Section 12: Managing Plug-in Latency When Recording
Section 13: Section 13: Anomalies
Section 14: Section 14: Wrap-up
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